Quest for Glory II: Prince of Thieves


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Day seven. The madness is setting in. I can’t seem to escape this desert hellhole and it seems that a murder spree may be my last resort.

So this is kind of funny: There’s this beggar right outside of the inn who is asking for money. I already gave to him, but fine, I’m sure it’ll bump up one of my skills and I’m a nice guy. But when I go to drop a coin in his bowl, the game blocks me from doing that, saying that I already gave him money. Even though he’s asking for more, the game won’t let me. Whoopsie.


Maybe back in 1990 there were a lot more players clamoring for poetry recitations in their games. I gotta say, in 2016 that kind of thing doesn’t fly. Also, Omar’s poetry isn’t even good stuff — it’s kind of like kiddy rhymes.

After he drones on and on about how awesome Paladins are with their bubble hearths, Omar departs while accidentally leaving his purse behind. Yes, I am TAKING that purse because this thief needs a win. I don’t care if it’s a cheap move.


Now on a roll, I practice lockpicking all the live-long day until my skill tops 100. Emboldened with prowess, I return to the weapons shop and break in. A little scouting around revealed a strongbox packed full of money. I’m rich, rich I tells ya! And all it took was to turn my back on my morals and rob some poor shopkeep of his livelihood.


Day eight begins with some hot, hot saurus love, as my mount ambushes me by the inn door and slobbers all over my face. OK, it’s kind of a funny moment, so I’ll give the game credit for that. Pesky saurus.


We’ve got bigger problems than rogue dinosaurs, however. Day eight marks the invasion of an air elemental in the city, so it’s time to track down some information about how to defeat it. I predict that this will get pretty tiresome by the fourth time around.

A neat touch in this game is that manners actually count. Thanking people for serving food or saying farewell before you leave are noted by the characters (and I got chided for not doing that once). Kind of a bit like roleplaying. I like it.


I don’t know whether to be amused or annoyed at this guy. Probably both. At least he sells me some “fooler’s earth,” which I might be able to use to fight the air elemental.


Darn you game for being so clever! Why won’t you just let me rob in peace?


Another piece of the puzzle to defeating the air elemental is obtaining some bellows. I thought the one above the weapons shop was just a flat picture, but no, it’s actually a pair of working bellows. Once I realized that, I used my magic rope(tm) to climb up and snag it. Master thief am I!


Tremble before this… average-sized elemental that will surely destroy the ENTIRE CITY or at least a FEW FLOWERPOTS!


The key to defeating the elemental is to throw some dirt into its funnel and then use the bellows to suck it in. Since this uses the throwing interface and a few stat rolls, it took me several tries before I got it. I liked how the elemental briefly is shown to have eyes that are angry, then shocked before he becomes my next prisoner. Say hello to the fire elemental in Syp Jail, partner!


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