World of Warcraft: Classocalypse


The more I think about it, the more I think it was probably a wise move to roll out the sweeping class changes for World of Warcraft a good month and a half before the expansion launch. Tuesday was certainly an interesting day for the game, with folks logging in and loudly expressing both joy and despair. Change, even good change, can be stressful and make us grumpy, so best to get that out of the way before the true expansion launches.

So far, I’m of a divided opinion when it comes to all of these class changes. Some of my classes I liked very much as they were, and now I’m forced to adapt to fewer skills and new talent builds. Some are definitely better, and I do think the ability pruning was needed in some spots. A good rotation for me is about 4-5 skills with a handful of extra abilities, which is where most of these have landed.

Here are my thoughts on the “classocalypse” of 7.0’s changes:


I’m going to start with the worst, which is for me the Shaman. I’ve loved enhancement as a blend of spell-based melee and pet-lite combat, but with 7.0 Blizzard took away all four of my totem pets (along with, y’know, most of my totems period), nerfed spirit wolves to the ground (shorter duration, no longer heal you), and doubled-down on the whole spell combat rotation. The rotation itself isn’t horrible and there are some nice effects, but it simply isn’t that fun any more for me to play. I miss the pets, badly.

So the shammy is going into mothballs, although I may try out elemental for a few just to see if there’s something redeeming there, especially since it looks like the pets mostly migrated over to that spec.


Huh. I know demonology got a total rework and I’m generally in favor of that — especially with more pets and the loss (good riddance) of metamorphisis. But after some play with it, I’m not feeling the rotation at all. I can make it work, sure, but it’s a shade too clunky for me. Also, I truly, deeply miss my Terrorguard. I loved those advanced versions of the pets.

I actually experienced more satisfaction by switching over to affliction. Lots of instant-cast dots, a remodeled mage doggy (at least to me, I haven’t used one of those in forever), and a couple of neat spells. Still, I will probably also table this class for a long while.


There’s lots of grousing over beast mastery, and to be fair, lots of these classes won’t feel complete until you get artifact weapons and hit level 110. But BM seems to be on the outs with MM in… except that I am very loyal to beast mastery and don’t mind the changes so much. It’s definitely more cooldown-based, but after experimenting with different talents, I think I found a good assortment that keeps the pressure up.

Death Knight

Definitely the highlight of the patch so far for me is the unholy spec rework. There’s a stronger emphasis on pets (I get to have two out regularly, plus army of the dead, plus an avenging angel) and the melee attacks start spreading diseases quick and often, making fighting packs of mobs a cinch. Oddly enough, one of my favorite abilities is the quick movement spell (void walk?) where you turn transparent and float quickly like a ghost. It feels great to use, every time.

What about you?

If you’re playing, what do you think of your class now? Making any class or spec changes based on 7.0?


5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Classocalypse

  1. Kaozz July 21, 2016 / 9:27 am

    I have about seven 100s, still have not even messed with all the specs. Many will probably sit there untouched for awhile until after the expansion hits. I disliked BM changes, it felt clunky, but it could be worse. Hunter and lock have always been my favorite characters. I don’t miss metamorphosis at all, hated the mechanic.

    I think lock is my favorite so far. It does feel weird having so many spells go missing, especially compared to playing rift and eq2, Lol. So far I’m liking most of the changes though 😊

  2. Tyler F.M. Edwards July 21, 2016 / 11:18 am

    I’m finding it a mixed bag, too, but on the whole I think the good outweighs the bad.

    The biggest success is my rogue. Outlaw is so much fun. The new animations are gorgeous, and I have pistols! Melee/ranged hybrid — my favourite.

    Warlocks, on the other hand, went through a woodchipper. I despise the loss of metamorphosis, so I refuse to even look at demonology, and affliction feels like a slightly less exciting version of watching paint dry. The only spec I can even tolerate now is destro. It’s kind of slow and very turrety, but at least it works. Someone at Blizzard must have it in for warlocks; I don’t how they could have been allowed to go live in this state.

    I was very nervous about my monk, too, but it seems to have mostly worked out. Brewmaster is quite different, but aside from the loss of keg toss, it’s still pretty fun to play. Just seem to be very squishy is all — my defensive abilities don’t seem to do much. Windwalker seems mostly the same, which is good because I liked it before.

    I boosted a fury warrior just before the patch. Based on my vast experience of two days, I’d say fury is a fair bit more fun now.

    I also tried my old shaman briefly. I’m not in love with the new enhancement, but it does seem an improvement over the old version to me. Less “whack-a-mole” with cooldowns. Seems like stormstrike should have a shorter cooldown, though; I seem to spend nearly all my time spamming rockbiter.

  3. wezmodeus July 21, 2016 / 1:37 pm

    I have one of every class at 100 spread across a few servers. It took me a long time and I even used my 90 boost on the warrior. I favored healers and my hunter. Straight dps classes I normally find kind of meh but they were at least all playable in Draenor in Tannan. Due to the difficulty of the content, I used Tanaan as my watermark.

    I felt that pre-patch my beast master hunter was the undisputed king of soloing content (Draenor flying, Predator title, etc). I can’t even get excited to play it. I did try marksmanship because those abilities actually interested me, but I feel like I was gutted. This was my highest ilevel toon and I was in danger from packs in Tanaan right outisde the base.

    So I looked at my straight dps and what their choices were and nothing spoke to me, so I’m shelving them all for now. I tried out all the healers and I did have fun and felt competent on the resto druid, resto shaman, and mistwalker monk.

    I did not like some of the heals on the holy paladin and the whole encouragement to be in melee range felt like pressure in a healing situation when I did not feel comfortable (did not bother me on the monk where I felt comfortable). I don’t like what they did with discipline priests and attonement. Now you have to set it up on players and it only lasts so long. It was just working before and you did not have to micro manage it. Holy, I tried briefly but it just was not clicking with me. That could be because I never had need to play it before due to discipline being so good.

    So its a good thing I am an altoholic because for me its 3/11 classes that I feel I can stand to play with these changes. I can’t afford to wait unitl my artifacts are fully maxed out. I need to feel like I am viable and actually have fun playing from day one.

  4. Rigsty July 24, 2016 / 12:41 pm

    I Am currently leveling my shaman using elemental and the new ressource and removal of cooldown on shocks makes it very active and fun to play

    healing in dungeons, is fun but the new changes have made it abit Harder and i actually have to Think about how i spend my mana now

    The new system makes it very easy to try out specs so i would recommend trying elemental 🙂

    Have fun!

    PS. First time commenter, been lurking for a long time! Thanks for all the awesome posts!!

  5. Llokki July 24, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    I’m pretty happy with my Resto Druid overall—no huge changes, and what they did change makes it feel more challenging (in a good way) and interesting to heal with. My biggest complaint when it comes to Druids is the loss of the Glyph of Travel, which essentially turned ground travel form into a 100% speed mount instead of a 40% boost. Not an issue when we still have our flight form, but obviously we won’t for a while in the new Legion content…

    Warlocks, particularly Demonology, looked like they were going to be quite fun after the patch, but sadly I have to agree with the many who are disgruntled. I really really wanted to like the new Demonology spec, but unfortunately it’s just not clicking for me…I agree that it feels a bit clunky (the nature of Doom with its huge delay, the way you always seem to be out of soul shards when you really need them, the short duration of the demons…).

    Survival Hunter I actually ended up loving way more than I thought I would. I even ended up shelling out for a race change so I could be a gnome hunter. My main challenge now is to transmog him into something engineery-looking (I think the mechnical hunter pets coming in Legion for engineer hunters will help a lot in that regard).

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