Quest for Glory II: Being a hero is a thankful job


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Let me say that if you’ve ever felt taken for granted in RPGs for all of the acts of benevolence that you perform for the population only to be practically ignored afterward, play this game. From minute one, the NPCs are tripping over themselves in their eagerness to praise you. Every elemental I eliminate gets me a chorus of ego-boosting encouragement. I AM HERO.


And if you need even more validation, there’s always your way-too-loyal saurus who keeps charging through the city just to tackle you with wet slobbery kisses. Cracks me up every time, it does. Pesky saurus.


I am really not exaggerating the praise that this game gives to you. Nights later, Omar the poet is performing a piece that’s all about how awesome I am (and name-dropping the title of the game) while his associate gives me a purse of money from the sultan as a thank-you.

I might be humming “We Are the Champions” while I play this game. A little bit.


Enough basking in my glory — there’s two more elementals about, with the earth one threatening the city on day 12. Apparently the Liontaur Rakeesh COULD have fought him but he got a leg boo-boo and so it’s up to me. Hey, I wasn’t even aware that there was anyone else in this place fighting for the city, so it’s not a major let-down.


OK, so here’s the part of this playthrough where Syp confesses what an idiot he is. Ready? Oh, you’re always ready for that. Good, I guess.

So you might recall that this character was imported from Quest for Glory I. When I did that, I went back to the playthrough I wrote in 2013 and saw that I had rerolled as a thief, so I’ve been assuming ever since that I am a thief (the character sheet doesn’t tell you what you are). But some weird things have been happening, such as the money-changer not offering me a job even though I made the sign of the thief, and now that Rakeesh loans me his fire sword — which he only does for fighters — I guess I have been a fighter all along. A fighter pretending to be a thief.

Give the game credit, though — it’s let me play as a thief for the most part. But man do I feel dumb.


After wandering the alleys of the city for a very, very long time, the earth elemental shows up for a rumble. I love that his name is “Rocky,” although I’m a little peeved that the game just puts me as a generic “Hero.” I *did* enter in a name at character creation, you know.

Instead of winning or losing, after about two blows Rocky disappears. Sigh. More wandering!

Actually, it turns out that I’m being a doofus again. Because I practiced with Uhura, my stamina is rock-bottom and I’m unable to fight. So I ask Rocky for a raincheck, go take a nap, then come back and kick his butt. It takes about three swings of the fire-sword to do it. Man, I wish I could keep this thing!


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