Quest for Glory II: Road trip!


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Day 13. When I go to the fighter’s guild (which I guess is my guild now) to return the flame sword, Uhura hands me a mysterious note. I have NO idea what it’s talking about, other than it sounds like someone is trying to threaten me. And what orders? There are no orders to follow here. Weird.


Even though I regularly eat at the inn, the game tells me that I’ve just chewed through my last food ration. Well, can’t have that, can we? It takes some looking around, but I find a food merchant who helps me resupply with new rations. In a funny moment, the husband and wife end up bargaining between each other for my final price.


I was also told that the devish at the oasis wants to see me. I don’t need much of an excuse for a road trip out of the city, so why not? My trusty and lusty saurus takes me south, right by a dead body that dissolves (?!?) as we approach it. Mirage perhaps?


The dervish cryptically informs me of a capital-P Puzzle that must be solved — and soon, if ever.

I do try taking more of his beard, but he informs me that the beard wrapped around the tree is what’s keeping him from floating away. Fair enough.


The directions that the dervish gives me leads to a strange cage with an even stranger beast in it… sitting in the middle of the desert. My character kind of pees himself a little when the beasts leaps at him. I do cautiously approach and toss it some food and water. Look at me, making friends!


Back in the city, Exposition Girl — er, Aziza — says that the beast is probably an illusion hiding its true nature. I need to get a dispel potion to see what lies underneath. Crossing fingers for available princess!


The potion is going to require all manner of ingredients, including fruit from a compassion tree. Aziza sits me down for another story (a kind of sad, dark one) about a girl who became a healer, got accosted by bandits, escaped, and was transformed into a tree by a djinn to save her. Now I have to help her out, and there’s a three-step process to that.

Nothing is ever simple, is it?


In a really interesting twist, you aren’t able to turn the girl back into a human — only true love can do that. But you can help return her spirit to her, and so I do by performing small tasks: watering her, giving her dirt, telling her about my adventures, mentioning her name.

Oh, and by giving her a hug. Yes, you literally hug a tree in this game. Syp, tree-hugger. I like how she kind of wiggles when I lay into that hug.

As I do all of these things, the tree-girl starts to show some life. She turns around, leaves grow, and finally a fruit of compassion blooms. Score!


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