World of Warcraft: What to do with August?


That is one very dead undead Gnome. Don’t worry, she comes back in the sequel.

The other night I said in guild chat that the 7.0 patch was the best thing to happen to chronic altaholics looking to winnow down choices for Legion, because some of those changes have made the classes distasteful.

I’ve all but given up on my Shaman. I trotted her out for a couple of hours the other day and tried all three specs, finding enjoyment in none of them. I still mourn for what enhancement used to be, but oh well, that’s one class down. Druid healing, too, isn’t nearly as fun now. I miss sending out my healing trees to help out during difficult pulls.

On the flip-side, I’m warming up to my demo Warlock. It’s still a little cumbersome and awkward to play, but she gets the job done and I’ve crafted a really great outfit to fit her theme. Hunter is still in the middle — I suspect that I’m going to need to wait her out until she gets her artifact weapon before she feels complete again. Until then it’s a lot of stilted combat and a build that changes on the hour.


Me swimming in lava! Ten seconds until I die, hope you enjoy seeing me suffer so.

At least my unholy DK continues to impress. She kicks butt all over the place and I love throwing out pets left and right as I do it. Being able to infect a whole crowd of mobs with one keystroke is so satisfying that I feel like all the rest of my abilities are icing on the cake. My only hesitation when it comes to playing her is that I’m a little disappointed that the Legion order hall is the rehashed Ebon Hold, but hey, it might be awesome. Just probably not pretty.

As I settle into acceptance with these new class builds, I — like many others — am trying to decide what to do with the time between now and Legion’s launch on August 31st. That’s one biiiig month.

There are options, many of them, but it’s hard to pick priorities. My hunter and DK have both finished up leveling professions to 700, although I could collect more engineering recipes and work on archaeology (my DK is in the low 200s with that right now with very little to show from it).

Transmog hunting is in my mind, but I’m kind of at a loss where to start, exactly. Not for the first time do I wish that the game would let you solo queue for lower level instances through the dungeon finder. Instead of hunting down particular pieces, I’m running timewalking dungeons as much as possible for unique looks and perhaps an upgrade her or there. I notice that Blizzard is running three solid weeks of timewalking through August 9th.

I could make good on my promise to go back and run through lower level campaigns for the fun and cosmetics. I still haven’t even set foot on the shores of Pandaria, if you can believe it.

I think a lot of folks are hoping that the coming demon invasions will be compelling enough content to tide us over, followed by the debut of the Broken Shores later in the month. That’s certainly where all the action will be.

One month left. What are your plans?


2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: What to do with August?

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards July 27, 2016 / 11:13 am

    Right now I’m going hard on Timewalking, too. I suspect Legion may trigger a new wave of alt addiction, so I’m working on getting fully upgraded heirloom sets for every armour type. Timewalking is a great way to upgrade heirlooms on the cheap.

    I’m also running the occasional old raid to expand my transmog collection. I’m looking forward to the demon invasions and early demon hunter access, as well.

  2. Llokki July 31, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Personally I decided on continuing to main my Resto Druid. I just recently completed her transmog outfit with the Dreambinder staff from Ulduar and the Mending enchant illusion (nice floating leaves effect), so now I’m looking to raise my item level to 700, finish the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, and level a Rogue (really enjoying the Outlaw spec) alt to 60 in order to squeeze the most benefit out of my lvl 100 boost. Hopefully the coming invasion event doesn’t distract too much from finishing all of that up.

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