Quest for Glory II: Making enemies in all the wrong places


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

I love how suspicious the apothecary guy is when you’re in the store, like he’s giving me major side-eyes here. “Whaaaat? Nobody’s making meth in heeeeere.”

Anyway, with the feather and the fruit from the compassion tree, he whips up a few dispel potions for me. You know who could use this? Tree girl. But I guess that’s not in the cards, poor thing. Back to the beast in the cave!


The potion works brilliantly, transforming the beast back into a man named Al. Al info-dumps all over me, saying that he’s an apprentice sorcerer who was being punished by his boss. By helping Al out, apparently I will have made his master super-mad and he will be gunning for me. Al then points me in the direction of said master, even though I was thinking that I might have worn out my welcome in these here parts. Why would I go looking for more trouble?

Thus ends one of the longest days in the game yet.


Day 14. Upon returning to Uhura, I receive yet another one of these weird vague notes, this one talking about “final orders” and such. Final? I haven’t even gotten the first orders! And who is this? Inquiring minds want to know.


The final elemental comes out to play, apparently threatening to shut down the city’s water supply. I just want to say that if you’re a water elemental, perhaps showing up in the middle of a desert isn’t a good game plan.


It’s beyond easy to defeat it, too. It’s as if the devs were tired of the whole process and decided to hand wave away the problem. So this time around, I already have the two objects I need — the bellows and the waterskin. Simple as that, the water elemental is now my prisoner. All four of them, actually. I’ve started a collection!


Even though I’ve saved the city, the game isn’t over. The next day, it seems like half of the town wants me to come talk to them. There’s even another note over at Uhura’s, cryptically telling me to go to a door or I’ll regret it. Ooooh I am cowed. Dude, I have FOUR elementals in my pocket. Do you want to start something with me?


I thought it was really sweet that one of the Katta gave me a gift for all of my service to the town. Aw, shucks.


I don’t respond well to threats, but I am undeniably curious about all of these menacing notes. So I follow instructions to a door, where a booming voice tells me to, “Enter the darkness!” Suddenly, a Metallica song erupts.


In the darkness, the voice tells me to remain still or else I am a craven coward. When the lights come back on, my weapons have been taken away and I’m chained to a wall. Just like all of my Saturday nights, really.

Then a lot of stuff happens quickly: I’m instructed to break free in 10 seconds, dodge a sword-wielding thug, get my weapons, fight the thug, and then finish him off. I do all but the last (not because I was showing mercy but because I didn’t know how to execute him. Maybe typing it out?).


Turns out that this has all been an elaborate test to see if I was worthy to join the EOF — Eternal Order of Fighters. Even though I pulled my punch at the last, they say I’m still in like Flynn, at the rank of “Brother Saurus.” This game really, really likes its sauruses.


Once I learn the secret handshake and get my membership card, they throw me a party (which is described, not shown). I wake up groggy with a hangover, wondering what I did to deserve the EOF. Yay… I belong.


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