Quest for Glory II: Pulling up stakes

(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Day 16. I am informed by the locals that apparently I’m getting ready to move on from this town that treats me like a de facto prince. I’m a little fuzzy on why I am going to Raseir or when my character decided to leave. Maybe this is their tactful way of suggesting that I’ve overstayed my welcome. In that case, good luck beating off the next elemental that storms through your streets!


Aww, a hand-holding simulator! Truly, Quest for Glory II leaves no idea unmined.

Actually, this is an arm wrestling minigame, which of course I lose incredibly quickly, along with my manhood.


Then my manhood comes roaring back (no pun intended) as I take on a liontaur with my tiny little blade. Rakeesh and Uhura both have encouraging words about my new trek to save the entire land from the sorcerer (who, as I must remind you, I became mortal enemies with about 12 hours prior).


The next morning I am assaulted with blocks of text telling me that the time has come for me to leave the town. For all of my troubles as a hero, I am gifted with a purse of money, gear, and a brand-new saurus. Aww, I liked my pesky saurus better.

I ride off to join a caravan heading to Raseir. Wish me luck!


Oh noes! We are attacked! All is lost!

And right then…


Yup, the game goes into intermission. Got to say, this cracked me up big-time. Love the peppy little music that went with it. You can also right-click on various elements for more amusing messages.

Coming back from intermission, I’m treated to the most epic video game screen of all time:


OK, some developer was having WAY too much fun with all of this.


Eventually I arrive at Raseir which, yup, is pretty much a reskin of the same city I left. Only crappier!


Wayyyy crappier.

Khaveen and a group of thugs greet me, and after slapping me around a lot and telling me to obey the rules, I’m given a visa and told to behave. Yeah. Fat chance of that, effendi.

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