Welcoming a chillax Blaugust

It’s August 1st, and in the MMO blogging community, that means the advent of Blaugust — a semi-informal challenge to blog on a more regular schedule. Some people take it as a challenge to pump out 31 posts during the month, one for each day. That can be tough, especially if you’re not in the habit of getting posts out regularly, but it can be immensely satisfying too.

If you’re interested, Belghast has all the details in his “super relaxed edition” welcome post, including a link to sign up (it’s pretty painless).

I signed up for community solidarity and all that — I do love reading the posts that this challenge prompts. It’s not going to be a major change for my posting schedule. I’ve been trying to get out around two posts a day during the weekday (a main morning post and a smaller afternoon one) in addition to two retro gaming posts on the weekend. Establishing that schedule and sticking to it has worked well for me, and nowadays I’m usually several days ahead of the game. I like having that scheduled posts buffer for days that I’m rushed or suffering a bit of writer’s block.

What helps me get this post buffer going is that I usually pump out a few posts on the weekend for the following week and try to make it a habit of dashing off an article when I have an interesting gaming session or thought on any given night.

Good luck to the participants! Can’t wait to read your stuff.

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