11 thoughts on “Poll: Which MMO features interest you the most?

  1. Ocho August 4, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    Fascinating. After 230 votes, the most agreed upon features still are only at 10% of the total vote. If anything else, I think that says a lot about the different reasons why we all play than any one feature being the most prominent.

  2. Gracie August 4, 2016 / 2:17 pm

    I’m shocked cosmetic stuff wasn’t at the top. Doesn’t everyone know the true MMO end game is chasing the fanciest hats?

  3. Shintar August 4, 2016 / 2:40 pm

    Reminds me of the whole “everyone’s a minority” talk from a couple of months ago. At least this poll seems to back that up!

  4. Simon August 4, 2016 / 2:54 pm

    Hey, you didn’t add RvR (Realm vs. Realm, Faction vs Faction, World vs. World etc.) as an option.

  5. bhagpuss August 4, 2016 / 2:59 pm

    What’s the difference between “Events” and “Dynamic Events”?

    Also you didn’t mention solo content specifically, which confused me a bit.

    And you didn’t mention Collecting, Achievements, Titles, Raiding, Full Group Dungeons…in fact the more I think about it the more I don’t understand why you chose the specific things you did list rather than probably almost as many that you didn’t…

  6. Tyler F.M. Edwards August 4, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    I’m surprised lore is doing so well considering the overwhelming majority of MMO fans seem to view lore as a minor frill at best, completely pointless at worst.

  7. Shintar August 4, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    I think events are temporary celebrations like a summer/winter festival, while dynamic events are the stuff that makes up GW2. That was my interpretation anyway.

  8. romeomoon August 5, 2016 / 10:07 am

    I really enjoy the exploration and interactive nature of some of the newer MMORPGs. Even older ones like WoW allow you to enter most buildings and check out the interiors, although I don’t RP much. Reblogging on https://romeomoon.wordpress.com/

  9. romeomoon August 5, 2016 / 10:09 am

    Reblogged this on Mystikk Tales and commented:
    Here’s an interesting poll from Bio Break. My personal favorites for MMORPG features are exploration, crafting, quest grinding, lore, and interactivity with the world.

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