Fallout 4: Revisiting the pre-apocalypse


That flag being different — yet the same — is a great telegraph for “this is an alternate timeline!”

I had a hankering for a little Fallout 4 action this week, and since I’ve let too much time go by, I had to (of course) start all over again. It’s a flimsy excuse but it’s the one that I’ll use shamelessly.

I don’t mind hitting the reset button (and I think I had to, since this is a new computer… I don’t know if there was a cloud save but I didn’t look into it). After all, it means that I get to go through the rather excellent opening sequence all over again. The first glimpse of what a pre-nuclear war world looks like should be savored, yes?


That outfit is doing nobody favors, sister. Makes me itch just looking at it.

I like how tactile this pre-fab house looks. So many primary colors, a very clean-cut ’50s aesthetic. I can imagine reaching out and feeling all of this, despite it not being photo-realistic.


This is the biggest failing of the intro, however. That baby looks so plastic and fake that I can only laugh when the bad guys take it away. We donated a dozen just like it to Salvation Army last Christmas!


Cogsworth in the kitchen. So… much… metal. Right here we’re looking at a half-ton of stainless steel. Can’t imagine installing those cabinets.

And I would totally love to have that kitchen (and robot). Does anyone else think it’s weird that a butler robot has an unguarded buzz saw always at the ready? Does it need to use that very often?


When the sirens went off and we were told to run, RUN to the vault, naturally I spent the next few minutes casually strolling around the subdivision and checking out all of the incredibly sweet cars.


Even the interiors of the cars are pretty detailed and impressive. I can picture taking this baby for a road trip, even though that steering column would ram right through my chest cavity if we rear-ended another car.


I spent so much time sight-seeing that I actually got flattened by the nuke while walking down the street. Fine. I’ll take the hint, game.

This short sequence of seeing Boston get nuked while your elevator oh-so-slowly descends is still chillingly effective. I keep expecting all of the nearby soldiers and Vault tech people to dive onto the elevator while this happens.


The blast front approaches. Seems like we don’t go down far enough to really escape the pressure and heat when it arrives, but it’s a game and all that.


One thought on “Fallout 4: Revisiting the pre-apocalypse

  1. jameshateswordpress August 5, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    They probably welded the cabinets in place, the walls look metal.

    The cars are my favourite part of Fallout 4! Then the soundtrack.

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