Quest for Glory II: A new life in Raseir


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Welcome once more to Raseir, the Mirror Universe version of Shapeir. As you can see, it’s a beautiful utopia that is by no means six days and an eviction notice away from being a future ruins.


You know how bad this city is? If you AFK to work on a blog post, it’s game over after a minute or so. That’s low, game. So low.


In the Blue Parrot Inn, I make Signor Ferrari’s acquaintance. He’s decent enough, I suppose, although he’s a little too curious about me and keeps winging me unwanted advice. I will change things as fast as I want to, mister. I have four elements at my disposal and at least two sauruses!


If you ask about the inn’s namesake, you get a little Monty Python for your troubles. Heh.


This city’s reskinning of the previous one is incredibly blatant (and also, in my opinion, kind of lazy on Sierra’s part). Just mute the colors and add a bunch of cracks everywhere, voila!


Back at the inn, I meet the black market goods-getter Ugarte and find out more about what’s going on in this city. Apparently it used to be a nice place until it had a change of leadership (Khaveen). Now everything’s gone to pot and I’ve drawn attention to myself for being some sort of embodiment of a prophecy or somesuch. Let me tell you: I am so awesome that I am the embodiment of EVERY prophecy.

At least people in this inn seem nominally friendly.

So here is a not-so-fun thing about this part of the game: There’s no easy way to make time pass anymore. Back in Shapeir, you could simply go to your inn room and choose how long you wanted to rest in order to get to a certain time of day (or a new day). Here in Raseir, the inn room isn’t available until night, so you just have to doodle around the place until the game clock gets there on its own. And there is practically NOTHING to DO. (yay Kindle reading!)


Finally, finally I’m allowed to access my room and lay down for the night. It’s not so much a room as a vision from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. I know the game is trying to sell us on the concept of a city on the decline, but how long and bad would it need to be to end up like this?

While my guy sleeps, a little rat comes in and repeatedly takes off my covers, only to have me yank them back on. Heyyy… I have boxers with little hearts on them! Cute.


Oh, the delicious puns of Quest for Glory II. Nom nom nom nom.


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