Quest for Glory II: Give me your clothes


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

“Then again, there were many other things wrong with Raseir. It was Shapeir’s Evil Twin. It was Animal Farm and ‘Brave New World.’ It was like working at Sierra at that time. “Raseir” is an anagram of “Sierra” for a reason.”

~ The School for Heroes

Day 28. I’ll admit that I’m starting to get to the point where I wouldn’t mind having this game wrap up sooner rather than later. It’s blatantly obvious that most of the attention and care was given to the first town with Raseir being pretty much an afterthought (there really only is one indoors location, the inn).

Anyway, I wake up with rat bites all over and wander over to the (dried up) fountain plaza. Something’s going on. Lots of guards milling about. Fight time soon? One can hope. I’ve done practically no real RPG fighting other than training in this game.

Oh no! My… friend, I guess? My friend Ugarte is being arrested by King Jerk over there. For the grand crime of smuggling water, because this is the dumbest way that an evil overlord is trying to keep control over his decaying city, by denying water to everyone (wasn’t that the plot of Max Max?). Ugarte gets violently dragged away and Khaveen struts around like he owns the place. Which I guess he does.


As I wander back to the inn, a strange lady pops out of the wall and tells me to follow her. Naturally, I ignore anonymous women lunging from dark alleyways and continue my morning constitutional.


…And it’s game over if you don’t go with the woman. Way to give me a choice there, game!


Did I just walk into Leisure Suit Larry? Oh, and it gets saucier still, my friends.

Anyway, this is Zayishah, who is being forced to marry King Jerk soon. She wants to disguise herself as me and use my visa to leave the city forever. Guess she hasn’t heard how often I get arrested, but sure, whatever. Nobody’s going to mistake a curvy brunette for a bony blonde guy, but it should be fun to watch.


Zay takes my spare set of clothes (I’m not strutting around in the buff, thank you) and goes to change in what has to be the most pandering bit of animation that this game has to offer. I can see teen boys in the early 1990s squinting at these pixels trying to make out the nudity. Rumor is that if you bought the x-ray specs from the magic shop back in Shapeir, you can see everything. I am thankfully not that crude.

With a blonde wig on, Zay looks like my twin (kind of hard to tell with this resolution anyway) and she dashes off to freedom. In return, I get her mirror and all sorts of promises that people loyal to her in the palace will help me.


Right away I knew that Day 29 was not going to be a sunny vacation. Everyone in the inn went still when I walked out and Ferrari said that it was nice knowing me. The second I stepped outside, a goon squad came and shuffled me off to prison. There wasn’t even an option to fight! Oh, I am going on a RAMPAGE when this game lets me, let me tell you.


Just when I thought I couldn’t get any lower.

After being beaten up and stripped of my belongings, I get tossed into a dungeon with the promise of even more questioning. Why did I leave Shapeir again? I had a good thing going there.

All I have left is my Katta pin, which I show to the cat-guy in the corner. He perks up and promises to help me, since I. AM. THAT. HERO. The pin also comes in quite handy as a lockpicking device, because while I might not be a thief, I’ve got the skills for it.


Secret passage ahoy! The Katta take me out of the dungeons and tell me that the underground resistance will be launching an attack tomorrow night to overthrow King Jerk. Good. Count me in.

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