World of Warcraft: Legion fires its starter pistol


Featured: Demon High Class of ’16

For all of its sweeping changes to World of Warcraft, Patch 7.0 didn’t so much feel like the beginning of Legion as it did a nice content patch delivered to starving players. No, for the true start of the expansion, I think we can safely put our finger on yesterday’s update as the moment when the starter pistol fired, Warlords of Draenor ended, and everyone turned full tilt to Legion.

While I have zero interest in playing a Demon Hunter, I will gladly take something new to do in the game — such as the demonic invasions. I had just gotten my Death Knight to 700 with her archaeology skill, so it was a great time to drop Draenor like a sack of potatoes and head back to Stormwind for the start of the expansion.

When I got there, I was tempted by the announcement of an invasion up in Hillsbrad, but first I took the time to go through the first questline of the Broken Shores event. And I’m quite glad I did.


Spoiler: The Light can be defeated by… more light, I guess? I’m fuzzy on how the Light works in this game.

So after (seriously) polishing my armor and eating a last meal, I boarded a ship bound for the Broken Shores and enjoyed the bit of foreboding that the cutscene provided. Once there, it was a lot of attacking demons and running in a mount parade with everyone else (showing their best and sparkliest of ponies) to the next destination. None of the fights were difficult in the least, probably because a bazillion people were raiding it, so I kind of got the feeling that if the game didn’t cheat, we could stop the invasion right then and there.

Instead, we got The Cutscene. And if you’ve played it, you know what I mean. The Cutscene is the one which spawned a thousand dropped jaws and a million spoilers all over Twitter, despite the fact that Blizzard had already spoiled The Cutscene weeks before. It wasn’t a big secret, is what I’m saying, but the execution of it was top notch. Well done. I don’t even know most of these characters and even I got pretty into it. It certainly did a great job showing the Burning Legion as the big bad and putting our heroes in a dark place from the get-go.

I was pretty upset to find out that the screen capture didn’t work on The Cutscene. I had so many good ones, too!


Spoiler: A statue died and was laid to rest in state

To kick the heroes while they were down, the demons were even shown to be infiltrating Stormwind itself, which I guess was the justification for calling on the Demon Hunters to come saaaaavvve uuuuuuusss. Pardon me, but figs to that. I don’t need blindfolded elves coming to my rescue. I have a bloated zombie, a snarky skeleton, and a blade that unleashes an unstoppable plague. I think I’m good.

Story-wise, this was all good, but there weren’t any decent rewards to speak of when you got done with the quest line.


Finally, off to the demon invasions! I flew up to Hillsbrad to join in the fun — and fun it was. Just a swarm of people running all willy-nilly across the zone, beating up paperweight demons, and rushing to the next quest objective. Nothing deep, but it was visually impressive with giant demons and lots of spell effects going off, as well as invasion ships and green holes in the sky.

I got a few chests in those first couple of hours, mostly with level 700 gear (and some nethershards). Good to get everyone up to i700 at least. I wouldn’t mind getting a few of the cosmetics, and I know that I’m going to want to run through this stuff on my Warlock and Hunter, so I’m going to pace myself during the coming week. I heard that there will be a new quest line every week, so that could keep the whole month interesting before Legion unlocks for good.


2 thoughts on “World of Warcraft: Legion fires its starter pistol

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards August 10, 2016 / 9:49 am

    I have to say, despite all my cynicism following the dumpster fire known as Warlords of Draenor, I was very impressed by the Broken Shore. Legion is making a very good first impression right now.

    Definitely make sure to do it on both factions to get the full story, if you can.

    I’m not sure I’d agree that they’re aren’t any good rewards from the quest, considering you get a whole bunch of unique weapon skins. Some of them are pretty bland, but I do quite like the Alliance polearm. Also, if you’re Horde, there’s an NPC on the dock just before you leave (who phases out after the quest) who sells a lot of the exclusive cosmetics from Battlefield: Barrens for anyone who missed them, and quite cheaply, too. I suspect this is a bug, but Blizzard seems okay to allow it for now.

    I haven’t done any invasions yet, nor have I had the opportunity to play my demon hunter (just made her, logged in, and went to bed), but I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Aywren August 10, 2016 / 10:39 am

    Sounds a bit like the big open world events that GW2 used to have back in first days of the Living World. I miss those. They were fun even if they weren’t hard and other people called them nothing but “zerg.” There’s just something hyped about being a part of a mass of players doing the same thing you are… just as long as it’s not too overused, I suppose.

    Hope you continue to have fun! 🙂

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