RIFT: I’ve been accepted into the tribe


So the other night I was hanging around in Meridian, waiting for LFG to pop while doing some AFK activities. Apologies for so many acronyms in the previous sentence, it shan’t happen again. It was then that I got a strangely polite whisper from a nearby player who said that she noticed I didn’t have a guild tag and asked if I might be interested in hearing about theirs.

Courtesy and respect in an MMORPG? Where players usually just thrust unwanted guild invites on you and spam up general chat with misspelled recruitment ads? Color me intrigued!

So I said sure, and she then went further by inviting me to the guild’s home dimension so she could take me on a tour while giving me a pitch. Kind of a get-to-know-you-while-you-get-to-know-me deal. I disengaged from the LFG and agreed.

The guild was the Tribe of the Laughing Tree, a relatively new (35 days old) clan that is embracing the concept of a tribe of Telara natives who live a little more naturally than others. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guild call themselves a “tribe,” but I kind of liked it.

The dimension itself was full of handmade yurts and huts and caves, each of which could be designed by individual members. After a long tour and some light chitchat, I agreed to become the tribe’s newest member.

The guild leader — co-guild leader, actually — said that she was tired of guilds where nobody talked or did anything together, so they made an effort to found this one and spend time getting to know the members. It’s a difficult approach, but one that I applaud. So I guess I’m part of the tribe now!


One thought on “RIFT: I’ve been accepted into the tribe

  1. Sandor August 12, 2016 / 2:08 pm

    Just out of curiosity: is the chat in this guild – sorry, tribe – done via some form of voice chat or the in-game text chat?

    I’m asking this because recently it is getting more and more difficult to find good guilds with an active text chat channel. I love active guilds with a lot of chitchat, but often I’m not in the mood for Teamspeak and the like, so I prefer guilds that use voice chat only for events, raids, etc.

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