The Secret World: Welcome to the show


I think my interest in plowing ahead with my Secret Adventures series may be in an indefinite hiatus right now. I definitely still like The Secret World, but I’d rather move on to play new content in it (whenever that arrives) than continue to bring up a second character. Maybe that will change in the future, but for now my game focus is on my main character, Yeti.

With Issue 15 finished and 16 still unannounced, my stated plan is to go back and mop up any missions (maiin or side) that I might have missed on her. I just discovered that the mission log has a tab where you can see all of the ones you’ve finished, so it’s a jump from there to cross-compare with a master list for each zone and see what needs to be done.

While doing this in the game, I stepped off to the side of the London Underground hallway and into a small room where I wasn’t going to be run over every two minutes. To my surprise, there was a group of strange players in this place dancing like crazy. When I stepped in, the “DJ” welcomed me to the show. It eventually drew a bit of a crowd of like-minded dancers. Are we partying to avoid the apocalypse, perhaps?

After a bit, I came up with a list for Solomon Island. I had actually completed everything in Kingsmouth and Savage Coast, but for whatever reason, I still had two main missions and two side missions in Blue Mountain to complete. Time to go back to where it all began!


First up was the side mission, The Experiment. Went up to a (naturally) dead Orochi to pick up his lab kit and continue some experiments on the local zombies and wendigos. I noticed for the first time that the zombie models were more dessicated than normal, and when I looked up at their names I saw that these were undead Wabinaki.

So I was literally (re)killing Native American zombies. No matter what my motives, that can’t be good for my karma.

Also, check out that screenshot! The guy (gal?) has no mouth! Wonderful character design in all seriousness.


I guess I never did the two missions in the Orochi van at the camp, so it was off to there to start up The Filth Amendment. I love having much better gear and skills now, because this was a breeze to jump into the quarry and rush through the mission of finding Subject Zero.

I didn’t even care if I aggrod mobs, an attitude that nearly got me killed at the end. When Zero popped out, I had probably around a dozen mobs parading after me, all very frustrated that I was wading through their pristine pool and making a mockery of their reign of terror. The ensuing firefight was quite fun and frantic, with draug lords and minions falling to my feet every which way.


3 thoughts on “The Secret World: Welcome to the show

  1. Sylow August 12, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    On the dancing thing you stumbled into, i conclude that this happened on a Saturday evening on European Time. In this case if was the show of DJ Dwarf, and if it was last Saturday, it unfortunately also was his last show, as he due to RL reasons has to retire from DJing.

    That being said, the game has some ingame show every day, usually even several per day. The two most important radio stations for TSW are Radio free Gaia ( ) and Gridstream Productions ( ). The first is native and limited to TSW, the second originates from Anarchy Online, but branched out to TSW and at least according to my personal impression the TSW part by now seems to be stronger than the AO part. (When listening to GSP I seem to notice more TSW events than AO events, but my perception might be biased. )

    This two stations maintain a gentlemans agreement, they try to avoid overlap between each others schedule, so people can easily visit shows from either station with as little timing conflicts as possible. They both can be listened to from their web presence, but also provide a MP3 stream, so you can use WinAmp or about any other MP3 player to receive them.

    Next to the “big two” , there are several more smaller radio stations (e.g. Happy Tentacle Radio) which don’t coordinate with the bigger stations, as well as a few independent DJs, who just sometimes host a show without a fixed schedule. Catching up with them requires a bit more of dedication, though.

    These DJ shows are one of several well received meeting places of the RPing community. So while the community lost one great member with DJ Dwarf retiring, my experience is that the community is still going strong. For sure my girls radio show last Monday again was quite crowded, although it’s less likely that you will stumble into it by accident. She does her show in the Albion Theatre and the only reliable way to get into the correct instance is to use the meetup function. [More likely you can run into the shows which are held at the Templars Courtyard or on the roof of the Kingsmouth Sherriffs station. ]

    If you stumble into such people next time, just ask which station they belong to, they will eagerly also point you to the website and MP3 stream to listen to. 🙂

  2. Sylow August 12, 2016 / 12:09 pm

    1. DJ Dwarfs last show was on the 30th of July, so that was not last Saturday, but one week before.
    2. I should have zoomed further in on the screenshot before writing. Both my girl and me are on the screenshot, and I used the Wassailer outfit for Dwarfs last show.
    3. Dwarf ended his show with this:
    It indeed does. Hope to meet you again. 🙂

  3. Galactrix August 13, 2016 / 8:18 pm

    Sounds like you had a much easier time doing the Filth Amendment now than when I did it back in the old days when the quarry was the nightmare area in Blue Mountain 😉

    It used to be populated with QL10 draug until the “new player experience” update a while ago and they demoted it, scaling the enemies to zone appropriate difficulty. Newbies tended to stumble into the area unprepared as it was right in the middle of the map and had those missions leading into it from the Orochi camp.

    I can’t remember if I grouped up to get it done or returned when I was badass enough to handle it solo. I can’t imagine leaving it hanging for long though, either because of my OCD completionist tendencies or because it’s the first introduction to the mysterious Orochi man voice who you continue to encounter later right up to the climax of the main story in issue 11. 🤔

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