Quest for Glory II: The end


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Ready to finish this game up? I totally am pumped to see it through the end today. Let’s do it!


My pocket genie ports me back to Shapeir, right in time for the revolution to rise up and overthrow the evil ruler and the even more evil sorcerer. The Katta Sharaf gives me a heads-up that the freedom fighters will be able to provide a distraction, so hopefully I can win as they throw their corpses at the bad guys.

And it’s a small, petty thing, but that capital G in the middle of “UnderGround” really bugs me.


Five against one? Ha! I almost feel sorry for them. Almost.


But before I can get into a battle, the screen shakes and a gigantic genie erupts over the city and levels it with his finger lightning bolts. Game over, man. Game over!

On a side note, I love how happy this genie looks. He truly enjoys doing what he loves.


I think my mistake at the gate was being too passive and waiting for something to happen. The next time, I charged in and initiated a fight. With my stats, it’s almost too easy to slice through the guards and rip the doors off their hinges. CALL ME HE-MAN, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!

My pocket genie guides me through the palace to where Khaveen is guarding the room with the magician and the mega-genie. I like how this big bad guy has been demoted to mere guard duty.

A fight ensues, and all looks lost when Khaveen knocks my “sword” (actually still a dagger, since I was under the illusion that I was a thief and never got a sword in this game). I pick it up and continue to slash away.


OHHH yeah. I won’t lie. This felt great, right here. But I have an even bigger score to settle with Ad Avis.


I dash into the summoning room, knock over a candle (disrupting the ceremony), run through a pillar of fire, and then casually nudge Ad Avis over the edge. He falls to his death, perhaps forgetting that magicians can levitate. And just like that — I won! My pocket genie takes the mega-genie back to the cave for another thousand years.


The revolution is successful. The Emir is found and convinced to lead again, and I use my water elemental to not only refill the fountain but magically transform Shapeir into a beautiful city once more.


After that, I am summoned before the Sultan to… well, to be flattered quite nicely. Turns out that the Sultan is also Omar the poet, who we’ve seen several times in the game so far. He doesn’t merely give me a medal or something as crass as gold — no, the Sultan adopts me and makes me the prince of the land on the spot. AWESOME. One wonders why I would ever leave after that.

This whole cutscene involves various characters from the entire game coming up and saying a nice word about what you’ve done for them and why that made you a hero. I really like how this sums up the multi-dimensions of what it is to be a hero, including having compassion and showing mercy.


Oh, and my saurus — the one who has been french-kissing me this entire game? — is revealed to be the Emir of Raseir who was transformed by the sorcerer. No hard feelings about carrying me on your back those 200 miles?


And that is that for Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire! There’s a brief coda where the game teases Quest for Glory III, but it calls that installment Shadows of Darkness, which actually ended up being Quest for Glory IV. No matter! I save my character file and prepare to import it into the next game.

Final report card for Quest for Glory II:


  • Multiple paths through the game depending on your decisions, class, and equipment
  • Lots of groan-worthy humor
  • A surprisingly strong plot
  • Well-written women characters
  • Saurus travel
  • Lots of friendly characters helping you


  • Combat was dull and not needed that often
  • The desert and Arabian Nights theme did not do it for me
  • Shapeir was a blatant reskin of Raseir
  • A lot of repetition for skilling up and living out days
  • Most of the game takes place in a city — and a dull one at that
  • Confusing city layout

One thought on “Quest for Glory II: The end

  1. Pulse August 14, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    Fun Read! A+++!! Would read again!

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