Quest for Glory III: Jumping eras


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

“Quest for Glory III takes a stand against prejudice and racial stereotyping. That makes it a bit ironic, in that we received some complaints about the black people in the game having accents. We were one of the first to include diverse characters including strong female and non-White role models in the game, so we were pretty shocked by that reaction.”

~ Lead Designer Corey Cole

I don’t think there was even a question in my mind that I would want to continue the Quest for Glory retro gaming series after the conclusion of Trial by Fire. The puns, the world-building, and the deliciously different hybrid approach to adventure and RPG gaming made me want to see more — to see what happened to the Hero next.

And so we jump to Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. Coming out in 1992, Wages of War took the series to VGA for the first time (Quest for Glory I had a 1991 VGA remake). Better sound, better graphics, and the replacement of the text parser with a mouse-driven interface — I am totally on board with all of these!

As you might recall, the Quest for Glory series is noteworthy for several aspects: Its lead developers were a husband-and-wife team, the games blended adventure and RPG elements together, it allowed you to import a character from game 1 through to game 5, and each installment explored a different region. In the first game, it was a Germanic countryside. In Trial by Fire, it was Arabia. And now we come to Wages of War, which embraces an East Africa setting.

With my character saved at the end of Trial by Fire, I am ready to import into the third game and see where it takes me!


Once I got the file moved to the right directory, importing my QfG2 character into 3 was a snap. Have I said how much I love this feature?


This threw me for a loop. I know that *I* was operating under the delusion that my character was a thief, but midway through Quest for Glory II, the game itself made it quite clear that I was a fighter. Heck, I even got into the Eternal Order of Fighters, so I’m sure it’s not my delusion. So I don’t know why Quest for Glory III thinks that I’m a thief, unless my stats and gear reflects that.

Eh, I’ll change into a Paladin then. Might as well try this new class, especially since I got robbed of it by one piddly choice at the end of the second game (I killed Khaveen too quickly).


Even if you import a character, you still get 50 points to play with. My parry skill is shockingly low, but other than that,, I spread out the points to create a well-rounded character.


The game begins with a recap of the end of Trial by Fire, where Aziza talks about how I was totally awesome and stopped the spell to summon a mega-genie. She does reveal some new information: That the body of Ad Avis was never found (dun dun DUNNN). Who took it? Is he actually dead?


Magic FaceTime interrupts this LAST TIME ON QUEST FOR GLORY segment to inform us that the country of Tarna needs Rakeesh’s help (Rakeesh being the liontaur paladin that occasionally babysat in the second game). I don’t know how I got roped into going along, but trust me when I say that the game doesn’t give you the option of selecting, “No thanks, I’m good hanging out here and being a pampered prince.”


My adopted dad, eager to get his freeloading son out of the palace, wings a magical shield my way. He also — and I thought this touching — gives my character a hug. This is the second time in as many games where my character hugs or gets hugged. It’s such a weird thing to see in an adventure game, but I’m cool with it.

So off to Tarna we go — let’s prevent that war!


As we can see from this interlude title, Tarna definitely has a strong case of the Egypts going on, with a bit of savannah thrown in for good measure. At least the VGA makes it look a lot more attractive than the desert of Shapeir.


So Team Tarna appears through the portal: Rakeesh, Uhura, her baby Simba, and Syp-the-easily-led-by-his-nose-into-horrible-danger. We either arrive in the office of the resident magician or the country’s gift shop.


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