Quest for Glory III: Thief! Thief!

(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to go from a text-based Sierra title to a mouse-controlled one. Maybe it’s laziness talking, but I love being able to control my character and his interactions with just the mouse.

Now that I’ve arrived in Tarna, it’s time to start feeling out the area and seeing where I’m needed. Gonna be a lot of liontaur talk, I can already tell.


“And you’d BETTER appreciate that beauty, because all of us can attack and devour you at a moment’s notice.”

Rakeesh mentions the war that I’m presumably here to stop, between two groups called the Simbani and the (ahem) Leopardmen. The Liontaur have typically been reclusive, but now they’re starting to establish relationships with humans — although some in the community are spoiling for a fight anyway. Rakeesh and Kreesha mention that their daughter was part of a delegation sent to talk to the Leopardmen, a delegation that was ambushed and only one human survived. That really stinks for them.

Kreesha tells me that I’m free to explore the city and that they’ve reserved a room in the inn for me. I’m also welcome back in their house anytime…


Liontaur sex! Yeahhhh I don’t need to talk in on that. I will knock, believe you me. (Sierra gets a point for making me laugh here.)


I wander outside through the bazaar and almost immediately stumble upon a thief making away with… money, I guess? I want to point out that the guy back there is selling giraffe fur. Do not alert CyberPETA, or there will be protests back in 1991.


The thief is caught and he and I (as a witness) are brought to the Hall of Judgement to hear the ruling. He is guilty, of course, and his sentence is to, y’know, leave — but leave without honor! Oh noes, not his honor! He says, “Big deal,” and I got a snort out of that.

I understand what the game is doing here — it’s introducing the culture of the liontaurs, which is more or less like Star Trek’s Klingons. Lots of powerful and proud warriors who are unduly concerned with the concept of honor. They’re going to be a hoot to mess with.


The king wants to meet with us after the judgment, and Rakeesh and I amble up there to talk to his majesty. The king, not to mince words, is an incredible jerk. Very proud, very stuffy, very pro-war, and very anti-Rakeesh. Practically everything I say he twists as an example of how Rakeesh is weak and needs a human to defend him. For his part, Rakeesh keeps his cool:


But revenge can be fun sometimes, right? Right Rakeesh? Don’t tell me that paladins have taken a vow of revenge celibacy, because I am going to lose it right here if that’s the case. Half of what I do as a character comes from revenge!

Now that we’re free from politics, it’s time to do our Quest for Glory tradition, which is to exchange money and buy a ton of stuff. Looking at my inventory, I have a few items from the previous game (such as that Katta sapphire pin) as well as a new suit of armor, a sword, and a magic shield.


And as you might expect, Sanford and Son have taken up residence in Tarna as a couple of junk dealers. Nothing like a sitcom reference from 1972 to liven up a game made in the ’90s and played in 2016! (If you’re not familiar with the show, it’s about a snarky father and son who run a junkyard together.)


The theme music for the sitcom plays too. I don’t think that you can even classify this as a parody or satire — it’s just out-and-out Sanford and Son. Maybe copyright laws worked differently back in 1991.

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