Ranking the World of Warcraft: Legion class halls

With Legion coming out next week, I’ve been looking over the class halls and realizing that — personal investment in certain classes aside — some were more appealing than others. A LOT more appealing. And when that happens internally, it’s time to make a list! Here is my opinion on them, based solely on previews, and ranked from worst to best.

(Worst) Demon Hunter: Filled with 100% Elves. ‘Nuff said.

Warrior: Gah, could this hall have more gold to it? It’s like Thor’s Asgard or something. Too shiny, too garish, too impersonal. No thanks.

Warlock: Incredibly detailed and internally divisive for me. I like how some of it looks and feels very Halloweeny, but I’m definitely not crazy about the overabundance of glowy green everything. It’s almost a little too oppressive and dour, the opposite of relaxing and inviting to me.

Paladin: A cross between a cathedral and a superhero fortress. It fits the class well, don’t get me wrong, but it feels a little too sterile. Like a generic medieval castle, if Disney didn’t put in as much work. The main hall is pretty neat looking, though.

Shaman: If the Druid hall is calm, organized nature, then the Shaman one is chaotic elements all over the place. I get the theme quite clearly, but I can’t say that it appeals greatly. Storms are nice to watch for a bit, but I wouldn’t want to work all of the time in the middle of one.

Death Knight: Ebon Hold is cool and all that, but reusing it for the class hall feels… lazy. Rehashed leftovers. I never really liked Ebon Hold to begin with — it’s like a haunted house with all of the charm and fun stripped out of it.

Monk: Sure, it’s pretty enough, but it also looks like Mini-Mists of Pandaria. I’m just not that into the Chinese aesthetic from that expansion. I don’t hate it but I’m not crazy about it either.

Priest: Instead of a chapel redux, they took a page out of the Draenei architecture and created something quite beautiful. The room with the thousands of tiny candles is breathtaking and the whole of this place would be wonderful to explore.

Rogue: This hall definitely exudes personality, doing a great job getting across the rakish nature of these combat scoundrels. Got a strong pirate vibe here, and the underground environment communicates an underdog attitude (all the other classes see the sun, after all). I really, really like it.

Druid: You’re getting an extra spoonful of nature with this hall, but what did you expect? It’s very cosy and pretty, with lots of trees and organic weaves. Thumbs up for the tree forts and secret caves, and thumbs down for being a mite too similar to the early Elf zones in the game.

Mage: It’s a World of Warcraft Hogwarts! Or a nicer version of Kharazan. Either way, it makes me a little jealous that I don’t have a Mage at all. Great details, an inviting atmosphere, and plenty of magical sparkle everywhere you go.

(Best) Hunter: Trueshot Lodge is absolutely perfect for me. It’s got a down-to-earth outdoorsy feeling on the outside, and inside it’s rustic and comfortable. Very pleasing on the eyes and I can see wanting to come back here time and again.


2 thoughts on “Ranking the World of Warcraft: Legion class halls

  1. Isey August 25, 2016 / 11:58 am

    Wish you had pictures of each =)

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