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MMO gamers, go ahead and complain.

I struggled a little bit whether or not to write a post on this, mostly because I don’t get my jollies off badmouthing others’ articles and I try to refrain from commenting on Massively OP’s competition.

However, I have to break my self-imposed silence on that site today because that site decided to dash off a quick five-point list in which the author comments on “Things MMO gamers should stop complaining about.” Now, I’m no stranger to making lists or even saying things that generate controversy, but boy did this article rankle — and for the wrong reasons.

So five quick rebuttals:

  1. When an MMO news/opinion site that takes in ad revenue (not to mention “sponsored content”) from studios, you don’t really want to give the impression that you’re so far away from criticizing these studios that you’re trying to squelch the community for griping. Appearances matter.
  2. Don’t ever, ever tell me what’s OK for me to complain about or not. That’s condescending and hypocritical coming from a site that criticizes and, yes, sometimes complains about games. I have the right to complain about whatever I want. You have the right not to listen to it.
  3. I get the sentiment that players tend to whine a little too much and beat dead horses without adding anything new to the conversation. But that doesn’t mean that these topics are now off-limits. Instead, guide the community to producing constructive criticism and tone down the rhetoric and knee-jerk emotional responses a bit.
  4. If an MMO news site isn’t being a watchdog against studios’ gross tactics, then why are you berating the community for taking up that slack? Lockboxes and pay-to-win sales are very controversial and, in the eyes of many, have damaged otherwise great games’ reputations. This is pertinent and should be debated.
  5. You really do not get to write a list telling players that they shouldn’t complain and then counter every negative response to said list with, “See? A complaint! Stop it!”

12 thoughts on “MMO gamers, go ahead and complain.

  1. I’m not generally one to talk about this stuff outside of my circle but when did it become a common thing in gaming for people to look down on the consumer for asking for a finished product or the product not to actively go against them/try to exploit them for money?

    I mean if I pay 30$-60$ or more for a game under the guise of the game not going to do something like go pay to win or not censor the game I expect the product to do just that and as someone who put money into it I’d have every right to complain about it.

    Yet today the mere idea is considered entitlement by many people. It’s insane, I don’t know how that mentality started nor do I know why but it needs to stop or it’s just going to get worse. It’s not entitled to ask for a complete product or a non censored game. It’s just common sense.

  2. The only site I write for is a LEGO site, so as the “unbiased” voice, you’re not alone in a lack of respect for that particular site.

    At no point will I give up my right to complain, and I won’t tell anyone they need to give up their right to question or argue with what I have to say. I actually agree with some of their points (especially the idea of noobs and the term I refuse to use… I’ll play the game the way I feel like playing)… but how it’s all put out there makes me want to argue against them out of principle.

  3. I don’t pay much attention to the site in question, so I have no opinion one way or another of the site as a whole, but the linked article seems only to make a few basic, common sense points in the (likely futile but undoubtedly well-intentioned) hope to steer the community’s discourse to slightly more productive ends.

    I’m about as easy to offend as any person could possibly be, but I’m really struggling to wrap my head around on what could be considered bad about that article.


  4. Hmm. I tend to agree with Tyler although with a big helping of “huh?”. I mean, that’s one bland, dull, un-thought-provoking article. I’m almost as surprised you managed to read it all the way through as that it got you riled up.

    It makes a couple of valid points but mostly it waffles and reads like the pointless filler piece it is.

    I have never bothered with “that site” as we seem to be anonymizing it for some reason because it’s always been bland and uninteresting. Not seeing anything new here. Is there some background we’re missing?

  5. Syp, it is like you don’t work for a site that gets ad revenue. Can’t you spot click-bait when you see it? (Don’t you dare tell me to stop complaining about click-bait!)

    5 and 3 seem like pretty legitimate things to complain about, especially since they are things that are not absolutes, but vary depending on the game.

    4 and 2 are meh, while I have never seen anybody complain about 1 in my online career. Is that really something people are getting bent out of shape about, to the point that it would make the #1 spot on the list.

    3/10 – Would complain more, but it hardly seems worth the effort.

  6. I read it, and I totally agree with you, Justin. Most of it came across as “I disagree with it, and I’m just tired of listening to it.” Okay, fine. But it also came across as “but don’t do it, don’t complain, just take what you’re given, complaining makes you part of the problem”, which is not fine. Are we supposed to suddenly be okay with what we don’t like in the entertainment that we choose to spend our money on? We can’t be critical of parts of a games we like?

    No, we can both love something, and still criticize it. We can love an MMO, but hate that it has lockboxes. We can love our police and armed forces, and still be critical of their performance. We can love our local sports teams, and still boo them for making bad decisions. And to be topical: You can support a candidate, but not agree with 100% of what they say and do.

    Our ability for critical thought, not just blind obedience, is what makes us more than animals. If they don’t want us to complain, maybe they shouldn’t be making so many bad decisions.

  7. I hardly even bother going to Massively OP anymore, although I greatly prefer it to websites like MMORPG and MMOHuts when it comes to farming up info on a game.

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