Class order halls in World of Warcraft are a unique study in contrasting tones.

On one hand, you are exalted as a powerful leader and figure, one with an incredibly rare artifact weapon, one who is praised and worshiped and even feared.

On the other hand, you’re surrounded by a hundred other dopes who have the same weapon and status.

So you’re both this unique leader and part of a crowd of clones.

5 thoughts on “Contrasts

  1. At least alone in your garrison everybody referring to you as “champion” or whatever wasn’t completely contradicted by a couple dozen other heroes.

    I prefer the plucky upstart that overcomes adversity… starting with either a ship wreck or a prison escape, the only two lowly origins known to fantasy… to set a less haughty tone.

  2. At least when the next expansion comes along and throws away everything that this expansion brought except some new levels… it’ll go back to being unique if you stay there.

  3. Heh, it’s the universal MMO problem. How do you make someone special, but also justify every other person you see being just as special? No shock, but I think TSW has been the best at pulling this off.

  4. I think the whole need to make the player feel like a hero is silly. There are tons of little things in the game that reinforce the fact that you are not the hero. From everyone else with the same hero trappings standing around you, to being asked to do mundane tasks to prove yourself after, once again, running through a story that paints you as the one and only hero that could have possible saved the world.

    Time to get some more interesting stories. Even a tale as old as The Lord of the Rings recognized that it wasn’t one single person who did everything to save the world.

  5. This is made even worse when you play a demon hunter and are surrounded by the same dopes, but all with names that are variations on “Illidan”. Hard to maintain any kind of immersion there.

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