World of Warcraft: Legion plus one


If you’re looking for one of those gamers who was there at minute one for Legion’s launch, stayed up all night, took the day off of work, and is now nearing level 110… then I can’t help you. Really, I can’t. Life and responsibility comes before gaming for me, even on special launch days now. I did all I could to pile through my work, get a few things done in advance, and free up a few hours to dig into the expansion, but that was it.

And I was noticing that when it comes to brand-new expansions and MMO launches, I tend to take it very slow. It’s a lot of content, all at once, and I’d rather pause to savor it than gorge like a gaming glutton (*this remark is in no means intended as a slight to those tho power through). I get sidetracked a lot. I take the time to read things. I talk with people and soak in the general atmosphere.

After all, it’s the first World of Warcraft expansion in two years, and my first being there for launch day since Wrath of the Lich King. The day was over soon enough but the expansion will be there for some time to come. I’m in no rush.


I was almost on the fence of ditching my plan to stick with my Death Knight and move back to the Hunter, but in the end I trusted my instinct (and heart!) to focus on the DK for a while now as a sole, main character. My alts can come into play some day in the future, but there’s no merit for me spreading out what limited time I have between a crop of characters. Not if I want to actually see the fullness of this expansion before the next one comes out.

And it turned out to be a good choice. Right from the get-go, I was sent on my class quest to get the Apocalypse artifact weapon. I gotta say, great move developing custom content for each of these weapons… I’m tempted to play the other ones just to see the quest more than get the artifacts. The Unholy quest had me diving into the catacombs underneath Karazhan, and I was oogling the haunted house design the whole way. Made me once again grumpy this game doesn’t have housing because I would totally make my place look like this.


Getting past this hall actually stumped me for a second…until I realized that I was being asked to use one or two of my class skills. I activated my wraith walk and sped through it, scaring the boss guy away.


One fairly easy boss fight later, and Apocalypse was mine! Mine forever… or until the next expansion, when I guess all artifact weapons will be tossed in the trash at Blizzard’s say-so!

From there it was a trip to my class hall, which as I pointed out a few days ago, is simply the same Archon Hold that DKs have been using for years now. Nothing like seeing everyone else get shiny new places and we’re left in the same digs. Yay! Griping!


While I was running all of this, I realized that I had to go back to being a Draenei for various reasons which are as embarrassing to admit as they are petty. Yet as I said before, liking a character that I’m playing is so important, and I grew to miss that taller model and her self-heal. So a splurge on a race change later, and Syppy rejoins society as a space goat once more.

Oh! So let’s talk about the artifact weapon, because Apocalypse is kind of awesome. The first power that unlocks bursts festering wounds on targets for massive damage — and summons as many undead minions as wounds were burst. It’s like getting a mini Army of the Dead every 1.5 minutes, which pushes this spec more into being a minion master pet class.


A giant pulling in a ship to shore. Nothing to see here. Move along.

I wish I could say that I made huge progress, but truth be told, there’s so much to tackle at the start that I only produced a small dent in my initial leveling zone (I went Azshara because I figured most people were heading elsewhere… and I wanted to do the zones clockwise). Everything kept pulling me off track from straight-up questing. In the first evening I

  1. Got my artifact weapon
  2. Started on order hall quests
  3. Traveled to Azshara and did two full story chains
  4. Unlocked the next tier of my gathering professions and had to return to Dalaran a couple of times because I’d mine or herb up quests
  5. Spend extra time in areas finishing up bonus objectives
  6. Got my first followers and started up the mission thing again
  7. Hunted treasure and rare mobs down
  8. Leveled up my artifact weapon and had to return to my hall to pick a new power
  9. Started some sort of new main quest that had me going back to the Exodar(!)

So I guess I did a lot, all things considered, even though I’m just 101 and a ways off from finishing the first zone.



Overall, it was a great first day and I’m getting a positive vibe about this expansion. Of course, that could be the shiny newness of it all, but it is fun to see how enthusiastic everyone is, like kids let loose in a toy store to explore.


One thought on “World of Warcraft: Legion plus one

  1. Dobablo August 31, 2016 / 10:03 am

    It looks as though the warlock affliction artifact quest is almost identical. 😦
    Your progress is very similar to mine as well. Azsuna and the Exodar quest. Unfortunately I missed the mini event at the end so am contemplating starting one of my alts so I can catch the hidden quests and the extra dialogue.

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