RIFT: I can drive sixty-five


Lately I’ve been devoting my weekend gaming time to accomplishing bigger goals than what I gradually pursue during the week. A while back it was speed-leveling my World of Warcraft Druid to the cap for Legion, and last weekend it was the pursuit of level 65 in RIFT.

I might have had a level-capped character in vanilla RIFT (is that a phrase?) but since the expansions I don’t recall hitting the cap as it’s been raised. I definitely know that I’ve never had a level 65 anything, and with the expansion coming and the recent-ish addition of Planetouched Wilds (which requires a 65), I’ve felt the urge to get a move on and get ‘er done.

I had a great starting point: My Cleric, which I created who knows how many months (years?) ago, was already 57 when I picked her back up in mid-August. After a little research, I saw that the level 60-65 journey would be best accomplished — time-wise — by nothing more or less than expert dungeon runs. Fine by me, I like healing, and if I get a few more cosmetic pieces for my wardrobe? So much the better.

The alternatives were just not that viable. The amount of XP it takes to go from 60 to 65 is truly staggering and can be a shock when you come from the shallower leveling curve of 1-60. IAs — even intrepid adventures — weren’t paying out much XP, and questing would simply take too long. Fortunately, experts feed the XP monster quite well, especially if you have a tank and healer who can juggle huge packs of mobs without faltering. For the most part, I did quite well keeping my party alive and ended up feeling vindicated with my Warden/Druid build.


It was late Saturday night that I found my groove. The final level looked incredibly long, but one of my guild officers took me through a few and vowed that I would get 65 before bed. She had to take off, however, and I found another group that was willing to chain-run dungeons. I think we did five in a row, pow pow pow pow pow, and Realm of the Fae — right at the end! — put me over the top to 65.

Let me tell you, it’s just so satisfying to have a level capped character in an MMO. It just is. It makes you feel like your options are wide open and you’re not “behind,” even though your gear score may differ on that point.

Now to Planetouched Wilds and the future!


2 thoughts on “RIFT: I can drive sixty-five

  1. pkudude99 September 1, 2016 / 9:23 am

    To differentiate from WoW, since you know… not in Azeroth anymore… the phrase used is “Chocolate Rift” Or at least it was back when I was playing. Who knows how it’s evolved since?

    Anyway, congrats! I keep saying I’m going to get back in to Rift one of these days. I’ve got 3 callings to 60 and another to 57. I did actually buy the Primalist calling a few months ago on one of my attempts to come back, but it’s still level 3, I think…… but yeah… one of these days.

  2. yonari September 1, 2016 / 10:28 am

    I leveled 60 – 65 by turning in the crafting dailies (I have all professions), so I got around 15% of a level each day.

    (I leveled 50-60 by turning in artefact sets…)

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