SWTOR: Walkers on the east ridge


Random thought: I wonder how much of the plot and writing of Knights of the Fallen Empire was contingent on which voice actors BioWare could bring back to reprise their roles? I suspect that it’s more than we’d think.

In one short evening, I blitzed through Chapter 11. This time, the guest star companion was Jorgen (of the Trooper storyline). I never played the Trooper much, but what I had left me the impression that Jorgen wasn’t the most jolly or likable of souls.

Naturally, the leader of the resistance decided that a half-hour away from Zakuul was too long to be out of danger, and so she rushed back in. The mission was remarkably straightforward: To assist Havoc Squad with tapping a transmitter so that they could listen in on the bad guys. I like straightforward missions.

Sure, it got a bit complicated when my presence triggered an immediate Skytrooper assault. Here’s a thought — perhaps if I stayed at the base and stopped micro-managing, the bad guys might not find me so tempting a target? Some folks got kicked out of their homes and we had to escort them all back to a base for safekeeping.


This time around I played very nice, although there wasn’t much of an opportunity to exercise light or dark side decisions. Just a lot of random, meaningless combat designed to slow down the progression of the mission.

Two things made this quest something other than totally forgettable. The first is that I enjoyed the feeling of a frontal assault, and at times the game did a great job making everything feel immediate and dangerous. The second was when I was tasked with getting inside a force field… somehow. My Secret World training kicked in and I figured out the puzzle in no time. Still, it was kind of nice to be required to use my brain instead of my finger muscle memory for battle rotations.

With that mission done, I went back to Odessa, only to be told that there’s an even BIGGER transmitter tower and a more DANGEROUS mission to tap into it. What, was this a dry run? Do the devs not have any better idea than copy and paste?

One thought on “SWTOR: Walkers on the east ridge

  1. Galactrix September 5, 2016 / 11:22 am

    I guess who your character is and how you’ve played can make a difference in perceptions. I’m two thirds of the way through my first ever run of Knights of the Fallen Empire on my Trooper. Given that Jorgan is my Trooper’s husband, I’d say that the reunion was quite jolly and likeable 😉

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