RIFT: Nesting instincts


Isn’t that the most amazing MMO skybox ever? And it’s mine, all mine, in my pocket dimension.

One of my goals in returning to RIFT is that I wasn’t going to allow myself to get snowed under with all of the dimension items coming into me through the minions system. Instead, I’ve been fairly faithful in using these items almost as soon as I get them, adding a bit here and there to my budding housing area. It’s by no means done, but I thought I’d share some of the progress I’ve been making with it.

So I decided to settle in Stonefield Tavern, since it’s a homey place with a big central building that’s perfect for decorating. Plus, there’s some adjacent land and even an empty barn for furutre development. I used a time item to make it 10pm perpetually so that all of the lights would come on.


It’s an interesting challenge to use only what I get, not what I go out and purposefully find or make. I have a little hill in the front on which I’ve been putting these particular trees to make a Dr. Seuss-looking copse.

I have a LOT of street lights and lanterns outside. Would love to get some Christmas lights sooner or later.


Front entryway of my house. As you can see, it’s mostly empty and very much a work in progress. Under construction, as 1997-era Geocities websites would say. Still, I have the runner out, the kitchen area partially done, a few items here and there, and a second floor under construction.


The fireplace is a fixed centerpiece of the tavern and I’m trying to make it as inviting and cozy as possible. I added a coat of arms up top and then took a stuffed bear-panther thing and threw it halfway into the wall so it looks a bit like it’s mounted. Should probably fake a plaque behind it.

The pedestal to the right is holding this urn in which I resized and placed some alien-tentacle flowers. I like how it ended up looking.


Kitchen/eating area next to the fireplace. I think I just figured out that it’s pretty easy to change the floor by resizing these tiles — in this case, black marble — and then sinking them down so they just barely overlay the real floor. Helps to differentiate the living spaces when you’re not putting up a lot of walls.

Haven’t gotten any food yet, so that table looks kind of bare. Some day, table. Some day.


I love WildStar’s housing, but let me tell you, the placement and manipulation tools in RIFT are about 50 times better than Carbine’s version. Just so, so, so much easier to work with and allow me to create what I want without too much fuss.

I had a lot of fun fiddling around with these stairs to see what I could do to create a second story. Turns out, it isn’t too hard. I’m trying to blend the stairs in with the house, hence the bookshelf doing double-duty as a support pillar (and also because stairs hanging in mid-air with no visible support looks odd). Second floor has about half of the flooring down. I used a pillar to hide the hanging chandelier’s chain.


Love this view in the back of the tavern! I only added a stone outcropping and that cherry tree so far, as I don’t want to clutter up the vista.


One thought on “RIFT: Nesting instincts

  1. Helena Khan September 7, 2016 / 6:55 pm

    Awesome pics. There has been a real lack of versatility as far as housing goes in nearly every mmo I’ve ever played. That looks gorgeous and full of potential.

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