Bogged down in Star Trek Online


Got to say, Star Trek Online is starting to lose me. What was a thrilling ride a month or two ago has now transformed into a dull slog through the Delta Rising expansion. From what I can tell, Cryptic had the budget for about seven good missions and then tried to stretch it to 20 or so with filler.

A lot of filler.

A LOT of filler.

Nothing kills my enthusiasm more than to be assigned yet another “go patrol these four or five star systems to boost the Federation’s repuation” mission. I know that none of those matter, none will have any good stories, and all of them will be 100% in space. The funny thing about Star Trek Online is that whenever the game starts tilting to only doing space or only doing ground missions, then it starts to capsize. It needs to juggle between the two, adding in a good dose of story to keep things balanced and interesting.

And while I wouldn’t normally grouse too much about difficult fights, I take exception to these dull patrol missions being so long due to slugging it out with huge fleets of ships.


Before the Delta quadrant, I felt like my ship was powerful and I had a purpose. Now I keep getting smashed by the Vaadwuar Furniture Collection and meander from one side of the map to the other with a string of pointless missions. Almost makes me miss Neelix stories. Almost.

Sure, I could skip it all and just move ahead to the next episode series, but there’s that stubborn part of me that wants to see it through and would feel annoyed to have unfinished missions at my back.

So all I do if I log on is admire the combat spell effects and hope that I can finish the expansion before my will to play completely evaporates.


At least there was this weird shuttle racing mission once. Racing against nothing in particular, but it was still kind of cool.


3 thoughts on “Bogged down in Star Trek Online

  1. Warsyde September 8, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    The Delta Rising expansion broke my addiction to STO back when it released. Like you said, it just contains too much filler and slogging. I came back to the game a few months back (very casually) and have been focusing mostly on the Iconian and time travel episodes, which I’ve never done. Despite some pretty wibbly wobbly timey wimey logic, they’re much more fun than the Delta Rising grind. Plus, the Admiralty system is much better for leveling up than the Duty Officer system, so I’ve been able to level alts and only cherry pick the Delta Rising missions I want to do (if any).

    The latest “expansion” (I have to use quotes because it’s so small for an expansion) is also pretty enjoyable for the brief time it lasts. I just wish there were more 23rd century low level ship options to play when it makes sense (i.e. while you’re in the 23rd century).

    I’d love to see them do another Romulan style expansion, but it doesn’t seem like they will.

  2. David Osbon September 9, 2016 / 5:55 am

    Just downloaded the game free on PS4. Will be dipping in casually but good to know the first missions are enjoyable.

  3. Rational Anarchist September 9, 2016 / 7:50 am

    I’m working through the Delta arc atm on my AoY character. It’s slow – I don’t mind the patrol missions so much though, as at least they’re easy to break down into manageable bites. I can log in, do one system patrol and log off again before getting bored of it.

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