Top 10 Bio Break’s most-posted categories


As a blog, Bio Break has been trucking along since late 2008. That doesn’t seem very long ago in my mind, but looking at a calendar, I realize that we’ll be hitting the 10th anniversary of this blog before too long. With that much time passed and thousands of posts under my belt, I thought it might be interesting to look at my categories and see which have garnered the most attention over the past 8.5 years. So here are the top 10 categories for Bio Break to date:

1. Lord of the Rings Online (411 posts)

Far and away the number one, aside from the “general” category (which I’m not including in this list). It’s not surprising, considering how many years I played LOTRO regularly, covered it for Massively, and pretty much turned this into a LOTRO fan site. Last LOTRO post was back in July.

2. Picture of the Day (299 posts)

This is a dump category if I want to share some random picture — my own or, more likely, someone else’s — that amuses me or seems cool. I enjoy flipping back through this category, personally. Last picture, September 2nd.

3. Star Wars: The Old Republic (291 posts)

This was a gimme, too — I was huge into SWTOR for a while there, including the long lead-up to the launch (which had already started back in 2008/9). Nice to be able to see my journeys from the start with the same character I play today. Last post, September.

4. Nostalgia Lane (283 posts, plus Retro Gaming’s 109 posts)

This is a weird one to place because Nostalgia Lane used to be my catch-all for any old-school video game discussion, including my playthroughs. A while back I split off the playthroughs into the Retro Gaming category, so I guess combined they’re the number two spot. Last post, April.

5. Quote of the Day (276 posts)

I used to use this category a lot more, particularly in pointing out cool things others say, but ever since I started doing the MMO blogosphere Global Chat roundup for Massively OP, I tend to save the good quotes for there. Last post, July.

6. Guild Wars (247 posts)

I’m not super-obsessed about creating scads of categories for each individual game, so sometimes I’ll just have multiple games in a franchise under the same category — such as Guild Wars 1 and 2 in this one. I definitely talked more about 2, especially during the two-plus years I was playing. Obviously slowed down since then. Last post, June.

7. World of Warcraft (241 posts)

The funny thing is that this category would have been much, much higher on the list if I’d been blogging since 2004. However, since I wasn’t really playing very much from 2008 to 2015, it hasn’t been the largest category on the site. Starting to pick up steam now, particularly with this year’s sessions. Last post, September.

8. The Secret World (235 posts)

Another personal favorite MMO of mine and one that is rich for posts (although not for hits off of those posts, but oh well, I like talking about the game). Going back through the missions and blogging about them in more detail definitely boosted this counter. Last post, August.

9. WildStar (169 posts)

I’m still in a sabbatical from the game, more or less, but it was post gold for a while, with lots of cool pictures and adventures to share (not to mention housing!). Hopefully I’ll return soon. Last post, September.

10. RIFT (168 posts)

Ha — RIFT got knocked down by a single post to the tenth spot! At least it made the list. Should be climbing higher now, too, since I’m back in it and having a great time (plus, an expansion is on its way for this fall). Last post, September.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Bio Break’s most-posted categories

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus September 9, 2016 / 4:09 pm

    Only 411 posts about a single game? I’m past 1K for both WoW and EVE Online.

    You have me beat on Quote of the Day though, I only have 94.

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