6 things I’m loving about World of Warcraft: Legion


Yes, I’m officially the slowest, most easily distracted player in this new expansion. I had a laugh the other day when Stargrace was announcing that she hit level 110 — and that as a “super-casual” player, because I think I was still 103 or something. I’ve almost earned the title of “Always Behind.”

Oh well, that’s OK. As I’m gradually making my way through the new expansion, here are six things I’ve come to appreciate about it:

1. Open tagging

Welcome to 2010, World of Warcraft! Now you’re not invoking some other player’s ire by tagging in on a mob or racing to tap a node. Now we can all work together in PvE instead of at odds, and that replaces these little stress points with feelings of fellowship and comradery.

2. Convenient travel

While we all miss flying, sob sob, it’s actually not terrible getting around the Broken Isles. I really like that they gave you another hearthstone, this one to Dalaran, so now every player has at least three on hand. I’m porting all around the place like crazy and enjoying the feeling of getting into the action quickly.

3. Well-paced quest arcs

On the MOP podcast this week we were talking about how the designers did a great job making these zone quest arcs long enough to be engaging but not too long as to be wearying. Just when you’re ready to be done with them, they usually end and you can move on to the next saga.

4. Returning to Dalaran

Blizzard really has never topped Dalaran for an expansion city, so I don’t blame it for bringing the mobile mage city back for Legion. It’s really nice to be back within its confines — and there are a few new additions to see since Lich King.

5. Champion missions

Not as annoying or numerous as follower missions, yet you still get the thrill of earning some stuff offline. I really like how you have to earn order hall resources through questing and adventuring so that there’s little avenue for you to just always be in your order hall.

6. Vrykul

Always and forever more please! So excited to head into a Norse-themed area with these scary angels. And my Death Knight thanks Blizzard for letting one of them come to her aid now and then.


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