Quest for Glory III: The heart of the jungle


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Right now my biggest fear in this game is that I’m letting too many days slip by while farting around the savanna. This series seems to trigger certain events on certain set days, and in the second game, you could actually lose if you waited too long to do stuff. Don’t want that dreaded game over screen!

I decide to spend the night in the village, and as the sun sets, the storyteller comes out and speaks to this never-before-seen crowd of people. Basically he speaks of the futility of the coming war between the Simbani and the Leopardmen, saying stuff like “even if we win, we lose” and “it is all the truth, it is all the lie.” Gotta be cryptic if you’re going to be Mister Storyteller, I guess!


Before I leave in the morning, I play another game of “Syp Can’t Win” with Yesufu. We jaw about war and peace, and he drops this little observation that only Uhura is standing on the side of peace and everyone else calls her a coward. I don’t see anyone else around here who took off halfway around the world to push a baby out of their body just to retain their warrior status, so maybe these tribespeople can shove it.


I head into the deep jungle for the first time and am rewarded for my curiosity with a face full of flying snake. Which, back in Spielberg, we called “junior dragons.” Anyway, it’s dead now and you can thank me for keeping the world a little safer for us all.

Can I just say how very, very much I wish this series had landed on a turn-based combat system? This flailing about with pseudo-action combat is just plain awkward and in three games I still haven’t mastered it.


The game likes to give me little pep talks every now and then.


There’s a huge tree in the middle of the jungle that’s incredibly hard to miss, and when I get there, happy music starts playing as if to tell me, “Well, at least here no flying snakes are going to drop down into your hair!”


Halfway up the tree is a cave that’s rather easy to miss. I say this because I didn’t even know that there was a cave here the first few times going up and down. Thank you, prerendered backgrounds!

Inside this cave is Mother, the guardian of the tree. She flies about changing colors like a sparkly screen saver (that was a thing in the 90s) and has some information about how to get a gift from the tree. She also dumps a bunch of gems for me to take one. But just one, because otherwise this happens:


Yup, I literally broke the game. It doesn’t look like your standard game-over message, either. I’m so crafty and unexpected, I outwitted even the developers!


Nothing like descriptive text to brighten up your day!

At the top of the tree is an even bigger cave with an even greater sense of peace and comfort. Makes me want to release some termites or something.


Instead I pour some water from the pool of peace onto this tree — which doesn’t appear to be lacking for water, by the way — and get back some random fruit as a gift. Yay me. Enough of this garden of Eden tranquility, time to head back into the cutthroat jungle!


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