RIFT: Trivial pursuits


Believe it or not, right now my MMO gaming time has pretty much been whittled down to just two titles, which may be an all-year low for me. It’s about 70% Legion and 30% RIFT these days, with Star Trek Online, SWTOR, and even The Secret World heading to the backburner (although release a new issue for the last one and I’ll be all over it). I am considering some other titles for replacements, but… why rush? I have one expansion to prep for and one to explore.

Today, let’s talk RIFT then.

When last we spoke, I was having some frustrating issues with trying to head into Planetouched Wilds. Namely, I was dying left and right, couldn’t figure out a build, couldn’t get my gear good enough, etc. A little whining in a blog post and a mention on twitter and…


One of the things I’ve always loved about RIFT is that it’s one of the most engaging teams on social media. Not many MMOs at all respond to my blog posts, but RIFT often does, and in this case, the devs handed out some helpful advice.

I obviously didn’t realize that Planetouched Wilds was Ember Isle 2.0, so yeah, I’m not ready for it. And that’s a shame, as I would like to get back to traditional questing here at some point. But for now, it’s all about gearing up, and since my stats are too low for Nightmare Tide experts (sigh), I’m resigned to queuing up for normal dungeons while moonlighting in Intrepid Adventures. I did get one solid upgrade so far, but it’s been slow going.

I mean, if they released Starfall Prophecy today? I wouldn’t be complaining too much.


I did have a great night last night with my new guild. Apparently every Wednesday evening they get together for a trivia night, which I found to be half game and half let’s-all-post-silly-replies. Perfect for me! I tied for second place and won some money and a new vanity pet, but the real prize was the growing friendships.

No, just kidding, it was all about the pet.

I also ran a new dungeon (for me), Citadel of Insanity. We kind of blitzed through it, so I didn’t get a lot of screenshots, but I loved the scenery and the voice work. RIFT’s boss conversations always amuse me for some reason. And I find healing to be rather soothing as gameplay — at least until everything starts falling apart and I panic and hit every key at once. I imagine my character exploding like a water balloon full of heal juice when this happens.


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