Screenshots from Legion


As expected with any new game or expansion, my screenshot folder is filling up with random snaps of my adventures around World of Warcraft: Legion. So let’s purge them into a blog post (that’s how purging works, right?), starting with this pic of my Death Knight chilling in Highmountain before a boss mob spawns on top of my head.


I don’t know if these are a new design, but I love the look of these deep undersea-style murlocs. Again, I would totally play a murloc character if given the chance. MAKE THAT HAPPEN BLIZZARD.


Highmountain was a fun zone, reminded me a lot visually of summer camp (a Native American-slash-cow themed one, at least). I thought this was a cool shot looking down the hill at the center lodge.


Me on the right, getting to play one exciting mission as a murloc… before the game cruelly took that away from me. MRGGHHBBBLLEE!


This big bad villain does not approve of any life choices that you have made to date.


There’s a wee bit of a height difference between Highmountain and its neighboring zone. I got a smidge of vertigo looking down at all of this. And yes, of course I jumped off, because why not? Wish I had a glider, that would have been epic.


Taking a rope bridge up to the highest peak in the zone. I just liked the perspective on this one and the blowing snow across the summit.


Moved on to Val’Sharah last night. Very lush and lots of great opportunities for picture-taking. Here’s me peeking out from inside a cave.


Lonely elf, all alone. Nobody likes you, elf! Nobody will eat with you! Because you’re an elf!


I love how blasé everyone is in this world about the transportation system. I’m riding a druid who turned himself into a stag, passing by a player riding a T. Rex. Totally normal.


Oooh, the majestic unicorns. How graceful… they will look, stuffed and mounted in my undead lair.


I am not a total monster, of course. I came upon this bear cub sitting in the remains of its slaughtered family and saved it. It’s now my best friend. I call him Elf-Eater.


3 thoughts on “Screenshots from Legion

  1. Shandren September 16, 2016 / 2:25 am

    Consider always carrying a stack of goblin gliders around. It is amazingly convenient. Tou can buy them from the gnome in the portalroom at the portal to old (older?) Dalaran.
    Getting the toy emerald wind from Aviana in west highmountain is also nice! (Jump through all 10 spheres in one go and you get an achieve and the toy)

    And yeah Elfeater IS a good name. Even if I (the horror!) might not share your despise of elfs

  2. Rowan September 16, 2016 / 7:23 pm

    That height difference was *made* for Demon Hunters! lol

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