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Six MMOs I’m considering playing this fall

We’re now deep into September, which means many things for my life. It’s the start of the school year for my job, what I always see as the MMO expansion season, and the onset of the fall and preparation for winter. As I settle comfortably into both World of Warcraft and RIFT right now, I’ve been considering what I might add to my roster for the remainder of 2016. I have several options in front of me, and if things calm down a bit more, I might be playing one or more in the near future. So what’s being considered?

1. Project Gorgon

It’s not a question of whether or not to play Project Gorgon, it’s just a matter of when. I hate this whole early access nonsense, because you never really know when to leap on board, even when the games go into quasi-persistence. There’s three thoughts here: Just play it already and roll with the changes that are sure to come, wait for the Steam early access release that should come by the end of the year, or really hold out for the official launch in late 2017.

I have to weigh waiting for more features and less chance of partial wipes with the fact that it’s more-or-less persistent now and there’s already lots to do. My thinking is to hold out for the Steam release and then take it casual from there.

2. Master X Master

Not technically an MMO — yet people keep calling it more of an MMO than almost any MOBA that came before it. I took a look at some previews and really found myself warming up to its PvE side, various characters, and fun gameplay. I’ll definitely take a look when it releases, but how long I’ll stay is a huge question mark.

3. Neverwinter

Yeah, I might go back to Neverwinter. I always have a soft spot for Cryptic games, and Neverwinter is actually doing huge right now. Loads of players, lots of content added, several platforms — and the assurance that this is a game that has a long future ahead of it. Would like to try a new character and perhaps make it further than I did in the past.

4. AdventureQuest 3D

Currently this title is eyeing an October release, and while it’s most assuredly going to be very content light when that happens, I’ll be putting it on my phone as my go-to mobile MMO. I want a pocket MMORPG and this one, given enough time and care and affection, could blossom into one worth playing. The enthusiasm of its devs and community is downright infectious — and there is no cure.

5. Elder Scrolls Online

I picked up a very cheap copy of this a while back and it’s been sitting on my shelf like, “Play meeeee!” And I’ve been ignoring it because I’m a jerk to video games like that. It’s a case of a game that I really haven’t spent a lot of time in, has shored up its weaknesses with a lot of content, has a promising future, and could be a potential if I want to give it a go.

6. The Unknown Dark Horse Underdog

And then there’s always the possibility that moods and whims might lead me somewhere else entirely. Oh, at times I’ve looked at RuneScape, Trove, WildStar, Marvel Heroes, and even Guild Wars 2 as possible fall entries, but most of those might be best left alone… for now.

I have a separate list for 2017, although that’s much more in flux at the moment. Fingers crossed for a better year for new and upcoming MMOs!

6 thoughts on “Six MMOs I’m considering playing this fall

  1. I’m also waiting for Project Gorgon to come to Steam before putting time into it.

    Funny enough, I just patched up ESO this week and rolled a character to mess around with. I don’t know if I’ll do anything serious there, but man, that patch process took a loooong time (like leave your PC online overnight long).

  2. I’m currently mostly planning to continue focusing on WoW and SW:TOR for the next little while. Maybe dip into my Steam backlog a bit. I’m also tempted to give ESO another go, though. One Tamriel definitely has me curious. I just wish they’d get around to adding a wardrobe system, cause about 95% of the gear in that game is hideous, and I’m not looking forward to outleveling the 5%.

    Also, yeah, ESO’s patcher is slower than molasses in January. I thought TSW’s was bad, but wow.

  3. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but ESO is well worth subbing to if you haven’t bought the four DLC packs already that is. Not only do you have access to all the content, but the crafting bag that comes with the sub is great — all of the crafting mats go right into a nearly limitless bag (heard there is a limit, but unsure what it is). Plus the monthly 1.5k store coins is nice too. 🙂

  4. I’ve fallen behind on my MMO news lately, but I think I remember hearing about Project Gorgon from somewhere (probably Massively or MMOGrinder). Right now, for September and October I plan on jumping back into The Secret World after being away since 2013 (about when LOTRO, Rift, SWTOR, and WoW grabbed me in earnest). My old Xpadder layout still works fine with TSW as well:

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