Quest for Glory III: Removing the disguise


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Still dithering around Tarna. Truth be told, feeling a little bored of this whole scene. Can we move the plot along here?


I go back to the bazaar once the sun goes down and have a heart-to-heart with the thief. He’s truly in a bad way: Declared without honor, nobody will give him the time of day, employ him, allow him to shop, house him, or anything. He’s essentially broke and homeless and stuck in the city as long as the threat of war keeps the caravans away.

I give him some dried jerky. #makingadifference


Speaking of dried jerky, meet Khatib here. He was the leader of the peace mission to the Leopardmen and is now the only survivor. His story, fragmented as it is, is pretty strange. He was attacked by something with claws that wanted his soul, but he was saved by Rakeesh’s daughter. He came to his senses covered in blood and wallowing in a river, where the locals called him a demon.

I’m just going to call it here (without any prior knowledge of this game’s storyline) and say that he was transformed into some sort of demonic beast that killed everyone. Bad guy by proxy right here.


Hippy apothecary gives me a couple of dispel potions for “free,” even though I supplied all of the rare ingredients. He’s still pining after Julanar, which is totally healthy. I mean, what would you say about someone who is in “love” with a girl who (a) he’s never met, (b) only heard about in stories and dreams, and (c) is technically a tree?


Because Quest for Glory is both an adventure game and an RPG, there are twice as many avenues for narrative advancement triggers. Sometimes you only need to have a certain item or talk to someone, but other times the game leans on its stats as thresholds for you to pass. So apparently my throwing skill needs to be a LOT higher before the story advances, and thus I spent a good half-hour doing nothing but throwing spears, retrieving spears, and sleeping off the exhaustion from doing this.


It took so long, in fact, that when Uhura popped in from out of nowhere, I was so deep in a spear-throwing trance that I was actually startled. ARGH! Where’d you come from, warrior woman?

She challenged me to a contest, and while I thought I did well, the game gave her the win and she left. So… does that mean we’re not advancing the plot? Do I have to do this again? I JUST WANT TO GET PAST THIS PART OF THE GAME.


Oh! I guess that did something, because now there’s a prisoner in the cage back there. Makes me wonder what the long-term thinking is with prisoners in this village, because that’s not a very well-protected cage.


I threw one of my two precious bottles of dispel potion on the Leopardman and… lo and behold, it turned into a rather attractive lady posing for a swimsuit calendar. So the Leopardmen are just normal tribesmen with a transformer setting? Sure, why not.

I wait until nightfall to go talk to Uhura about chained heat there, and she says that now that the prisoner looks like an attractive girl, there’s no more talk of savagely beating her. Um… yay for progress? Now there’s just talk of who is going to marry her. So, no talk about letting her go or something? Just straight to marriage? OK then.


For those who learn from video games, here’s how you get a wife according to Quest for Glory 3:

  1. Find a prisoner
  2. Throw a beaker of chemicals in her face
  3. Buy her like property
  4. Woo her
  5. Set her free and hope for the best

You can’t see me, but my eyebrows are so high right now.

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