Quest for Glory III: Warriors, come out and play!


(This is part of my journey going checking out Quest for Glory III: Wages of War. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

To recap the recent events in Quest for Glory 3: The Simbani captured a Leopardman, which I doused with a potion and revealed it to be an attractive girl, which — for some reason — I must marry now. She’s still in the cage and seemingly gets little say in the matter. Also, I’m a hero.


So the chief has set the “bride price” of the prisoner pretty high to keep his son from marrying an enemy. He’s totally cool with me doing it, provided that I can unload a lift pallet full of Costco goods and go through an initiation ritual to become an official warrior of the tribe. Nevermind that I’m a genuine prince that’s fought Baba Yagas and genies and elementals, I gotta go do his obstacle course before I’m considered a warrior. Where’s the option to initiate combat with this doofus?


Fine. I’ll go kill a dinosaur for its horn. Some might call that poaching, but this game sees it as a part of proving what a stud I am. And in the end, isn’t that more important than conservation?


I bring the horn back to the village, but the game won’t let me give it to the chief, so I’m in another one of these weird sequential stalemates. Dejected, I go to the prisoner, who gets surprisingly chatty after her long silence. Good for her for sticking up to this whole “forced marriage” thing.

Also, “magic-less cow person” will be used in my vocabulary today.


In all seriousness, I was about ten seconds away from rage quitting and uninstalling this game at this point. I couldn’t seem to get past where you had to give the chief the horn, as the game wouldn’t let me progress. I tried talking to him with and without the horn, I went back and killed a second dino, slept a night, put the horn in a chest, took the horn out… and then finally, right when all hope was about gone, something triggered the next stage of the story.


This means that I get to go through the initiation rite to become a warrior, finally. Also, hooray. That’s a deadpan “hooray,” dripping with sarcasm and reluctance. You people have no idea what being a hero entails. It’s so many tests.


The initiation rite is quite lengthy and consists of several bouts of running (automatic), two minigames (wrestling and spear-throwing), and two adventure game sequences that prize brains over twitch gaming. I rule at the last category and categorically stink in all of the others compared to Yesufu.


Good sportsmanship is seen, as I help Yesufu get up after he falls into a hole. Then he beats me in a foot race, because I can’t even win against a guy who is hobbling. The nice thing — and I’ll give the game this — is that I become a warrior whether I win or lose against Yesufu. I guess if I win I get more points, but who has ever cared about points in a Sierra adventure game? I just want to move on with the tale.


At least with all of that nonsense over and done with, the tribe sees me as a fellow warrior and Yesufu peddles his influence to get me the Leopardmen’s drum o’ magic for the peace accords. I guess that was worth throwing a spear or two, right?

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