Try-It Tuesdays: World of Fishing


Try-It Tuesdays is a (semi) regular weekly feature in which I take a break from my current roster of games to play something else for an evening. You can check out past Try-It Tuesday adventures here or submit a suggestion for a future title in the comments!

Not that I’m bored as of late or have an abundance of extra time on my hand, but I never want to get stuck in such a gaming rut that I only play one or two games all of the time. Plus, I like to branch out in blogging about other titles, which convinced me to resurrect my idea for Try-It Tuesdays: A weekly sojurn into other games (some MMOs, some not) that I’ve either never played before, only played lightly, or haven’t played for quite some time. I have a three-month list of titles ahead of me, but feel free to make some suggestions below!

To kick us back off for the fall season, I’m going with… World of Fishing. Yes, Syp is going fishing. Why? Well, I was perusing the Steam massively multiplayer category for ideas and this one at least had the virtue of looking pretty different from games I’ve played in the past. Plus, I’ve been pretty loud on the subject of how boring and pointless I feel most MMO fishing is, so why not do a little penance for my mouth by spending a whole evening doing nothing but?


As far as I can tell, World of Fishing is an overseas game where fishing must be a much more exciting video game pasttime than it is here. It’s a genuine MMO, at least in terms of size and mechanics, although I won’t vouch for the worldbuilding and lore part. The ocean looks pretty wet, that’s all I got out of the world per se.

Character creation is… odd. Instead of making your own character, you choose from one of eight premade people, each with their own generic description and background. I went with “The Veteran,” because why wouldn’t you want to play a grizzled old fisherman with dreams of starring in Jaws? Also, he spends half his time on the character creation screen picking his ear and then flicking off the earwax, which I found charming.



I felt like the game was throwing an entire manual onto the screen at once with a sarcastic, “Got it? Now go!” Happily, there was a very simple tutorial that did a fine job walking me through the basics of fishing, complete with condescending praise when I landed a fish that probably couldn’t get away even if I let it.


Finally I was out on the open water in my basic starting boat with a starting reel, starting lure, starting hook, and an unlimited supply of shrimp. I figured that if I didn’t catch any fish, I could survive indefinitely on shrimp cocktails.

I like how when you drive the boat, your guy stands on the prow while the captain’s chair is noticeably empty. Who’s driving the boat? Ghost bear is driving the boat! Oh no!

I guess the point is to travel around to “fishing spots” (ie, red dots that move around the water), cast your line, and wait until a dumb fish wanders by. Then you have to hook it quickly and engage in a kind-of-fun minigame that involves fish stamina, line tension, and line slack. It’s not the worst fishing system I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen at least… four? I liked that pretty much everything was controlled with the mouse and the left mouse button.


It was about the time where I was catching my second fish that all of my ambulatory children wandered over and got… hooked (YEAHHHHH) at what Daddy was playing. Seriously, they got WAY into this game, demanding that I keep switching to the underwater view so that we could spy which fish was going to bite our line next. At level 1, it was “cuttlefish” this and “goby” that, so I hope they weren’t expecting a great white or a dolphin pod.


Other than leveling up, I couldn’t see any point to what I was doing. Is it better to release or put it in a “livewell?” I had no idea. What could I do with these fish, sell them? When did I get better clothes? Do I fish those up? Why don’t these fish have loot on them? Could I jump off the boat and live in that lighthouse forever? Will the old grizzled veteran ever find true love on the high seas? Are there pirates? C’mon, there has to be pirates.

As I whiled away the hours fishing, I kept thinking of what Syp’s Awesome to the Max World of Fishing would be like. For starters, you would be harpooning whales and giant squid from the start. Every so often you’d have a typhoon event in which you would jump into the wall of the storm with a net and try to catch dinner while flinging around at hundreds of miles per hour. Submarines would be a huge factor, and you would often be visited by Neptune, god of the sea, who would hang out with you and occasionally toss tridents through passing ocean liners.

Where’s my kickstarter? Star Citizen would have nothing on me.

In the end, I was left with a so-so fishing game with visuals from 2008, playstyle from kindergarten, and a whole mess of very small fish in a bucket. Also, I learned that no matter where you go online, World of Warcraft will follow:


5 thoughts on “Try-It Tuesdays: World of Fishing

  1. Gamera977 September 27, 2016 / 11:10 am

    This is one of those games that mystify me. Personally fishing seems like a way to get out, enjoy nature, and get away from it all. I guess there is a competition thing going on but still don’t get the whole idea of ‘fishing’ on your PC.

    ‘Syp’s Awesome to the Max World of Fishing’ should include evil sea elves that steal your bait, and Deep Ones that try to capsize your boat. And a final big boss fight with the Kraken or Cthulhu.

    And a Sharknado, got to have a Sharknado in there somewhere…..

  2. Taint September 28, 2016 / 11:26 am

    I don’t think I will be trying this one anytime soon. Pre-Legion expansion I ventured into a golf MMO for a week or so. This reminds me a little of that game, albeit I did enjoy it until I reached the point where I would have to pay money to advance significantly.

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