World of Warcraft: A drood’s life


With my Death Knight making fairly good progress in the early stages of Legion’s endgame, I felt like taking a small break to accomplish a goal over the weekend: To get my Druid through her artifact quest.

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that as it stands, two characters will probably be the most I’ll ever be able to sustain in this expansion, and even that might be stretching it. If I do go with two, I’d like to have a healer for variety’s sake, and I’ve always been partial to Druids in WoW. Maybe I won’t have her raid-ready in two weeks (or even level 110 in two months), but it’s a long-term project with a potential to help stave off burnout if I start to tire of the DK at some point.

The quest started off with a trip to the Moonglade and then some sort of supernatural highway that connects realms together. The Emerald Dreamway, I think? Very convenient area with lots of portals to places all around World of Warcraft. One never has a hard time getting around on a Druid.

From there it led into the quest to get my resto staff, G’Hardeeharhar. I don’t really pay attention to names with apostrophes in them, to be honest. But this portion did really shake me up, not as much for the narrative angle but for the fact that it was all tailored around me being a healer instead of a fighter. I wasn’t expecting that, but once I got into the groove of healing and saving things, it got pretty fun.


I’m putting Dryads on the short list of races in WoW that I wish were playable. Armor design would be a bear, I’m sure. BOW BEFORE HER, BUNNIES!


I got totally dozed in the final fight because I went into it in Moonkin form, trying to moonfire the boss into oblivion. It was after I faceplanted that I realized that the game had given me a druid party and that my role was to, duh, heal them. Was still a somewhat challenging fight, moreso because I haven’t played this character and healed on her for a good month or so now.

After getting the Staff of Ra and admiring all of the Pretty Nature(tm) of the class hall, I jetted over to Dalaran to pick up mining and herbalism. I don’t know why I failed to have any professions on this character, but I guess I was too busy leveling to worry about it. At least you can pick herbs and mine stuff at level 1 in the Broken Isles and get the stuff. That’s a great quality-of-life feature that I think needs to be applauded.

I also realized that I was a hearthstone short on my Druid — and it took me a few seconds to put two and two together to figure out that I had never taken her to Draenor at all, so she had no garrison whatsoever. Just a lot of dungeons and the Legion leveling event, that’s it. This expansion is really her first time questing for real — and I’m looking forward to it.


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