RIFT: Forward momentum at last


I had a tremendously good night in RIFT lately and I wanted to share it, because I haven’t been in the best of places in this game as of late. I felt stuck, mired down at level 65 without a path forward: My gear wasn’t good enough for Nightmare Tide experts, I couldn’t defeat the quest to get into Planetouched Wilds, and the dungeons I ran kept giving me the same cruddy gear I already had. So I found myself with less and less reason to log in, worried that I might lose interest before Starfall Prophecy hit (and we STILL don’t have a date for that).

Anyway, come trivia night, we tackle the subject of Halloween traditions and superstitions, and I tie for first. Our guild not only comes up with great trivia questions but often has incredible rewards. This week I scored a Nebula mount (above), which I think looks absolutely spectacular. Great fit for my Cleric. I also got some money and started perusing the auction house for gear.

A little forward momentum gained, I asked around in the guild for gear advice, and one guy crafted me a nice earring and some new rings. I looked at the threshold I needed to cross over into NT experts and saw that, for a healer, I was just a couple hundred wisdom points away. Well the earrings, rings, and a new wand did it, and between charity and blowing all but one platinum of my savings, I made it to that tier. I was expert ready, baby!

I still think I need better gear, as I tried that PTW quest again and couldn’t beat the waves of mobs that it threw at me. But I think I got further than before, so that’s good, and hopefully I won’t have a problem finding groups as a healer. The plan is to try to run one or two a day and see how quickly I can polish up my stats. Worst-case, I’ll just have to tread water until the expansion, since I’m sure that will be an across-the-board gear reset.

I did find a group and got into an expert pretty quickly… and for the first time in my dungeon healing career, found myself out of my depth. My Warden healing build could not keep up with the large amounts of damage the tank was taking, and after the first fight the tank chided me for not using a Purifier build. I assume that this is “the” healing build for clerics, and after looking at what it entailed, I wanted no part of it. Oh well. There’s always DPS.

I also have a new build, mostly Inquisitor with a Druid/Cabalist backing it up, and it’s working remarkably well for a questing/DPS role. It’s such a terrific feeling to be moving forward after being stuck for a month or so now. Bring on Starfall Prophecy already!


3 thoughts on “RIFT: Forward momentum at last

  1. kaozz October 7, 2016 / 3:42 pm

    The Rift community is really harsh and I’d even say cruel to fresh 65s in dungeons. You’d probably have a better time trying to work with guild members. I really dislike the community there anymore, outside a decent guild. Sorry to hear you had a rough time!

  2. Serein October 7, 2016 / 7:58 pm

    Making the jump to expert gear can be rough! I don’t know if you’re on NA or EU, but if it’s the first one, I’d be happy to run some dungeons sometime. And you could even run Warden I bet and it would work fine! I agree that the community can be toxic at times, especially random pugs, but not everybody is like that! Good luck in your continued adventures either way 🙂


  3. Telwyn October 8, 2016 / 4:28 am

    Sounds like an experience I had early in the Storm Legion expansion era – I tried queueing for the dungeon that was the optional intro to the expansion (Exodus of the Storm Queen?) as a Warden healer but was told to “heal more or leave” after the first couple of pulls. Admittedly I probably wasn’t doing the best job of playing a build that I’d only used to heal Rift events in the past but it was a brutal intro.

    Still not sure when I’ll get back into Rift as I have too many games queued but I do want to give it another whirl at some point, probably after the expansion launches.

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