5 YouTube channels I recommend for MMO fans

A couple of months ago, I flirted with the idea with starting up a proper Bio Break YouTube channel — mostly to show off retro gaming sessions, I guess. It seems that this and Twitch is where all of the hotness is right now (is printed word dead? Perish the thought!). But I don’t have the abundance of time and skill to record and edit videos, nor do I have the upload capacity for Twitch (although the latter is a possibility).

So instead of focusing on me, I thought I’d highlight six YouTube subscriptions that I’ve been enjoying when it comes to keeping tab on tons of different MMOs.

(1) TheLazyPeon

Good narration and editing take this channel a notch up from many others that I’ve seen, and the fact that he tackles a number of MMOs makes him a guy that could be a bosom buddy (or at least a likable chum) in my book. Lots of helpful first impressions and analysis of games that I write about daily, plus some interesting roundups of topics, such as indie MMOs and the best Steam games for a particular month.

(2) TheHiveLeader

I cherish content creators who know the value of “short, succinct, and sweet” when it comes to audio and video presentations. Anyone can ramble on for hours, but not all of us have time to consume that. This is one of the reasons that I love Hivey: Most of his videos are in the 4-6 minute range, and they are informative, funny, and entertaining. Plus, he loves Project Gorgon just as much as me, and so I have another

(3) Bog Otter

Richie is a former Massively colleague who always made well-polished and informative videos. A change of address hasn’t changed that; his stuff is still pretty worthwhile to watch. My only quibble is that he tends to get, er, bogged down in just one game for a long time, and currently it’s Guild Wars 2. Always wished I had a voice that was as good as his.

(4) WoodenPotatoes

I am a sucker for a well-done presentation, and WoodenPotatoes has that. While it’s mostly just Guild Wars 2 stuff (and when I’m not playing, I’m not that interested in reading/watching it), occasionally he diverges into other games and topics.

(5) Let’s All Game

When I do have time for longer-form videos, I’ll head to this channel because the hosts do line up a lot of MMORPGs to play and deliver first impressions. There’s a really, really nice selection of games that they cover, from Albion to AdventureQuest 3D to Ultima Online.


3 thoughts on “5 YouTube channels I recommend for MMO fans

  1. Sylow October 10, 2016 / 10:23 am

    Interesting. Several of the channels you mention I appreciate a lot, but your #1 I consider utterly worthless. Of course, some of what he produces might actually be good, but the first and only thing I ever watched of him was his “review” of TSW. It was all bile and vomit, without any research or understanding. I guess the “lazy” and “peon” very much describe it and I am not even sorry to say, but videos of that quality are not worth my time.

  2. romeomoon October 10, 2016 / 12:39 pm

    I think I’ll check out a few of these channels. I used to watch MMO Grinder a lot, but once my household got cable again, I began watching regular TV rather than Youtube or Twitch. I still produce my own MMO podcast, although we tend to stick to a certain few MMORPGs (AO, LOTRO, Rift, WoW, and a few others): https://www.youtube.com/user/LoungeL33ts

    Something I’ve noticed that has been helping me get views on my own Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf758Ed6d0n-Xu5Vb9zqusA ), is live streaming an hour or two daily of a particular MMO with my friends and the occasional guest who knows a lot more about the game than our circle does. For example, I managed to get my friends interested in WoW enough to live stream an Hour of WoW a Day for a couple of months before Legion hit and it really boosted engagement as well provided content for my friends’ Youtube channels, as well. Currently we are going through The Secret World for a an hour or so a day and that has also been garnering attention from Community Managers and Funcom: https://www.twitch.tv/romeomoon1

    Looking at how some of these other channels handle MMORPG content could really help polish up my content, especially since I’m also looking at short form videos to add to my line up.

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