RIFT: Into the Wilds


After lots of public bellyaching and gradual gear acquisition, I was finally able to take my first steps — er, hops — into the Planetouched Wilds in RIFT. Watch out, wacky landscape, because here I come! And I bring the all of the powers of the elements, one tempermental fairy, and a christmas tree light squirrel with me!


I was a little too into tourist mode at the onset of all of this to properly track the story. I think I had to go find someone for some reason who may or may not be long dead. Man, I always need a “LAST TIME IN YOUR GAME…” recap for MMOs, especially when I play too many of them.


You can’t blame me for being distracted — the game gave me super-jump in this zone, and I was too busy saying “wheeEEEEEE!” as I cleared treetops to keep track of all of the lore. Jumping fun! Bouncy bounce!


I did note that the porticulum was kind of out of service, which was a bummer. Fortunately, one of the first missions had me retrieving a glowing orb that somehow made it all work again. Guess it was the battery?

Combat isn’t too bad as long as I only pull one or two mobs. More than that and I’m a dead Dwarf, even with healfairy hovering nearby.


Dang, RIFT knows how to be pretty. Love the giant Easter Island heads too. The floating balloons might take some explanation, however.


And floating islands, why not?


My journey to follow/track these people whom I don’t know led me to a bunch of crystal recordings that showed encounters with a — and I’m not making this up — cosmic rhinoceros. Star Rhino. So at least now we have proof that Trion spikes its water supply for its game designers.

At least some of this offered an onramp to the zone story, which seems to involve a nasty lady who used a spell to empower this feral woman who is going around eating everything as if she had just boarded a cruise ship and found the buffet. Apparently this was being done to put pressure on the local warlord, King Khar.


Truly beautiful sunrise behind the trees.


Peasant dissent sent me to investigate Mr. King Khar, shown here with his harem and pet sheep (and we must draw a very clear distinction between these two elements). Khar will be standing in as your Conan the Barbarian understudy for this session.


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