The Secret World: I want my mummy! (City of the Sun God #3)


(Join Syp as he attempts to document a complete playthrough of The Secret World from start to finish. What will The Secret Adventures discover next? Find out in this exciting installment! WARNING: Spoilers and stories ahead!)

Considering that my last Secret Adventure installment was back in April, I think it’s safe to say that the City of the Sun God is the dark, bottomless pit where my enthusiasm for The Secret World goes to die. I know it has its defenders, but this is twice now that the zone pretty much put me off the game.

But I will conquer it. Oh yes I will. Arriving in Transylvania with a completed zone at my back will be my greatest accomplishment! So here we go, folks. More sandy deserty goodness.

Behind Every Golem… (side mission)

Easing back into the swing of missions (and continuing my counter-clockwise progression through the zone), I picked up this quest starring a random golem arm and a whole lot of golems with two functional arms waiting to pound me into the dust. No problem at all… save that I took on one at a time. I’m still remembering my rotation here and multiple mobs can flatten me if I’m not careful.

The end boss for this quest was in a cave and covered with flies for some reason (perhaps it was a poop golem instead of a rock golem). What is weird is that nearby there was a clickable dead scarab, but the game simply said that I had to find more of them (or a live one) to figure out what killed it.


Mummy Issues (action mission)

Boy am I a sucker for a really punny quest title. Love this one in particular. Anyway, it’s time to travel over to human-hating Amir, a Jinn who barely tolerates me because the bad guys are somehow even worse. He’s all up in a tizzy because some humans tried to attain immortality by becoming mummies, which kind of drove them insane and made them evil. If I go kill a bunch, perhaps Amir will invite me over for tea and we can become besties.

No? It was worth a shot. Also, what does this say about Said? Dude seems pretty together to me, and even sort of a good guy to boot.

Even though this is labeled as an action mission, it doesn’t mean that it’s mindless. Sometimes The Secret World likes to blend elements of different mission types together, so here there’s a modicum of puzzle-solving as I make my way into temples with progressively tougher mummies. One part has me fighting mobs for tablet pieces to assemble, while the big boss fight against Rib-Hadda (great name, btw!) requires taking out four statues that are supporting his shield — and as a twist, you get knocked down if you go anywhere near those shields. Yay for ranged weapons, I say.

I like mowing down mummies. Great enemy mobs.

At the end of the mission, I learn two things: That Amir is a Jinn prince, apparently, and that Kristen Geary does not like Hugh Jackman. But he’s the Wolverine!


Envoys of Rib-Hadda (side mission)

Following the mummy boss fight with Rib-Hadda, I find one of his reports nearby asking the Black Pharoah for reinforcements. Uh-oh, better head out and stop those envoys from summoning apocalyptic adds!

The first two envoys I find are already dead: one crushed by a falling meteor and the other by the hand of cultists. The third is in fighting condition, although I have to report that this is no longer so following our encounter.

“The closest the Kingdom gets to the danger zone is watching it on TV,” Geary texts me at the conclusion of the mission.


Sparked to Life (side mission)

Near Amir is a strange green brazier that, for some reason, points me toward a nearby temple. Wonder what’s inside! Treasure, perhaps? Another invincible sword? Probably mummies, though. Yeah.

The temple in question is locked, and there’s an object puzzle to unlock it. You have to create a torch somehow, and the process is pretty intuitive, starting with some mummy wrappings and working your way up to AWESOME GREEN FIRE ON A STICK. Then inside you fight some mummies. Darn it. I was really hoping for the sword.


The Way of Things (action mission)

Part of Amir’s supreme unlikability is that every conversation with you starts with three minutes of insults and condescension, after when he then asks for help. I do sometimes wish, greatly, that The Secret World had dialogue options for your character. Taking guff like this mutely chaffs.

So what does Amir want this time around? About the same as last time, to sweep through the area and kill everything corrupted and evil. I guess he’s upset that some of the jinn have gone over to the dark(er) side of the force, so it’s time for some payback.

The Way of Things is an escort mission, although this is the GOOD type of escort mission — the type where the escort functions as a powerful bodyguard instead of a helpless waif. Amir’s manifestation can be summoned from urns littered all over a huge temple, allowing him to show up, douse me in protective magic, and lob fireballs at the enemy. We clean house, top to bottom, stopping several jinn summoning rituals from taking place.

I am quite liking the build on this character as I get to know it once more. It’s pistols/elemental with some nice synergy and utility. My two AOE fields become available every 30 seconds, which is usually good for each fight, and the only skill I don’t have that I want is Hard Reset (which brutally strips buffs from enemies, a necessary skill for some mobs).


One thought on “The Secret World: I want my mummy! (City of the Sun God #3)

  1. Sylow October 18, 2016 / 10:15 am

    Hehe, i guess i am one of the mentioned defenders of the City of the Sun God. Yes, it’s a desert, but Egypts history and mythology just can’t be ingored by TSW, and somehow a lot of Egypt simply is desert, so geography and peoples expectations require it to be a desert. I blame other MMOs more, for needlessly having yet another boring desert, without any actual reason for it.

    You could also point out the different nature of the cutscenes, as many of them just have talking statues. But while some people consider that “weak”, I think it allows the voice actors to shine even more than anywhere else, it gives the option for more interesting dialogues (many of the “characters” of the zone are present everywhere, as long as there’s one statue of them) and only that way allows to tell the zones sad story. It’s a strong design decision, but it works for me.

    The problem where I really agree is that the City of the Sun god is terribly hard to navigate at the start. It can be learned, but it takes a while and I fully agree that learning to navigate it is tedious and thus no fun. This might help the mood, but it’s really not helping playability. Unfortunately I also think that nothing short of a massive rework could ever fix this problem.

    And on Amir, I think you expressed it quite well: whenever I encounter him, I conclude that Demons are not that bad after all. They might want to invade you, kill everybody and destroy everything, but at least they do that with respect…

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