Music Mondays: Mario, Amiga, Ys, and more

Here’s another batch of terrific video game music that I’ve listened to recently and wanted to share with you! Today we’re going to start with “Everyone’s a Super Star” from Mario Party 64. Just a crazy, cheerful track that has a few Mario tune reprises tucked in there.

I’ve only looked upon the Ys series from afar, but I gotta say that I really like “First Step Towards Wars” (although not the name, ugh). So peppy and inspiring!

“The City” is so heartbreakingly sad while offering just a small, tiny sliver of hope. It’s such a different type of music track than you’d normally hear in a game — almost church-like in its purity.

I love me some good Amiga tunes, and “Theme” from The Humans is a great example of why this system boasts some of the best retro computer tunes. It’s fast-paced, tribal, and extremely memorable. Let’s play it again!

If you want music that puts you in a good and relaxing mood, you usually can’t go wrong with a Sims soundtrack. I’m going through these song compilations and am finding them to be perfect writing music.


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