Adventures continue through RIFT’s Planetouched Wilds, even as we prepare for the expansion launch in a couple of weeks. It’s my goal to try to finish up the major storyline here, although I have no idea how long or involved that will be.

When last we talked, I was just meeting the local warlord, a guy named Khar. Khar is… interesting, to put it lightly. I don’t think many of his “subjects” like him, even though he is somewhat of an accomplished warrior. Khar’s personality is best summarized as “educated frat boy with a sheep.” I thought I was going to really dislike him, but he’s grown on me with his Duffman-like attitude and quotes.


RIFT doesn’t have flying, but you are able to take an airship tour around the zone. It provides ample opportunities for photographs, not to mention the chance to complete no less than three quests. Yes, I will light fireworks under this blimp. That seems totally safe.


My prize for winning the guild trivia contest the other week was a full set of cosmetic earthbound armor. It’s kind of neat and I gladly added it to my wardrobe selections.


Despite its name, Planetouched Wilds is pretty mellow for a zone. Lots of plains, relaxing scenery, and an abundance of these giant Easter Island stone heads. I’m digging it.


This thing looks like an angry muppet.


Speaking of interesting characters, meet Usukhel. She’s a wildling who was empowered somehow by somebody in a holographic cutscene that went by when I wasn’t paying attention. All you need to know is that she is (a) savage and (b) the perfect counterpoint to Khar.

In fact, once you get these two together, the game suddenly diverges into sitcom territory, with the two spouting some of the most hilarious dialogue I’ve heard in quite some time. I was quoting it wholesale to my guild, just to share in the amusement. It’s just such a shame I wasn’t able to record it, as RIFT’s screenshot function automatically takes pictures without any UI, including on-screen dialogue text.


For the most part, questing has been very pleasant in the zone. Mostly main story-stuff, straight-f0rward, lots of narrative. I haven’t felt bogged down so far, and that’s always a good sign.

On the downside, every once in a while you get a bizarrely high difficulty spike that makes soloing all but impossible. This one quest asked me to get two items, one from Mr. Upside-Down Sky Whale up there (awesome monster model, by the way) and one from a giant angry boar. Gotta have boars. I slammed myself against that brick wall for a couple of days before using a sleep spell to put the boar out of commission long enough to grab his egg. The sky whale got killed only with the help of another adventurer who also needed it.


Loved coming up to the summit of this hill and looking out to see these incredible cloud/rain effects.


And then RIFT took a detour right into a Godzilla film. I’m rooting for Mothra.


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