Syp’s Gaming Goals: November 2016


October in review

I would say that October was a solid, if not exceptional, month in terms of gaming. For the most part I rotated through three MMOs. In World of Warcraft, I’m faithfully doing my world quests every day and chipping away at leftoever quests and other projects. In RIFT, I got through the first act of Planetouched Wilds and am picking up steam there. And finally, I really dove back in to The Secret World, reviving the Secret Adventures series and making a dent in my progress through City of the Sun God.

AdventureQuest 3D wasn’t as captivating as initially hoped — it’s on my mobile devices but I might be holding back a bit to see how it gets developed over the next few months. Star Control 2 continues to be a rip-roaring retro gaming experience.

Finally, on mobile most of my time has been spent fiddling with Mini Metro, Tuber Simulator, and Clash Royale.

November goals

I’m very unsure about what November will hold for my whims, but I have a few ideas. RIFT is growing into a priority for me, what with the expansion coming on the 16th. I really want to finish up with Planetouched Wilds, so I’m going to try to spend some time every day doing that until it’s finished. Starfall Prophecy is coming at a great time, now that the rush from Legion has started to abate.

Speaking of Legion, I have no particular massive goals other than to log in, enjoy stuff, and make some money. I could be doing some mythics and light raiding, and I suppose I might, but no pressure on that front. Maybe my goal should be to look at the game and create a list of projects and goals. I know there are things I want to do and accomplish other than to clear out my quest log (can that ever be done?).

If I could finish up City of the Sun God in TSW by the end of the month, I’d be a happy man. Looking at my list, I’m probably halfway through it, although I have the Black Pyramid quest ahead of me from the recent issue that I’m not particularly looking forward to repeating. That’s the problem with knowing what’s coming up! I also need to find a new cabal, as the one I was in seems to be pretty dead now.

So let’s talk other titles for a bit. Time permitting (as always), I have a flickering of an idea that I want to dabble in another game. I did install The Elder Scrolls Online, although as of late, the thought of just jumping into Project Gorgon for a session or two a week sounds positively awesome. Even if stuff does get reset between now and launch, I could take notes so that a new run would go more smoothly.


One thought on “Syp’s Gaming Goals: November 2016

  1. Tyler F.M. Edwards November 1, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    I’m still knee-deep in TSW’s Halloween event, but I expect to be done with that soon. Since SW:TOR’s next expansion is imminent, I think I might just keep my sub up for the next few weeks and dabble with alts in the meantime.

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