Quote of the Day: Mythic dungeons

“It feels to me like the player base has fractured into two groups. One is ‘Mythic is the new Heroic, just use the Group Finder’ and the other half is ‘Mythic? Oh, that’s not for me then.’ To be honest I’m probably more in the later group. The people I know who play WoW don’t play at the same time as I do, so it’s very hard for me to put a group together and as for the Group Finder… I’ve had very bad experiences with it. To the point where I don’t want to use it. I’m not saying this is Blizzard’s problem to fix, but Mythic dungeons are rapidly becoming ‘Oh well, guess that’s not for me’ content for a lot of players.”

~ Blizzard Watch

Count me in the latter group as well. It’s weird that finding and participating in a raid in this game is easier and less stressful than doing the same with mythics.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Mythic dungeons

  1. I’m absolutely in that second group. Between work and wife and kid and life in general, my gaming time becomes more and more guarded. The time and effort that goes into getting ready for a mythic and getting a group together and learning mechanics means it’s going to stay out of my reach for the most part.

    It’s just a shame that so much of their resources and time goes into features that serve only a minority of their players. Karazan should be an exciting new feature that is available to most everyone, and instead is gated behind multiple mythics just to see another mythic.

    I have to assume the target audience for Kara are players like me. People who played through it in our 20s or so that had a whole lot more time to give to the game… and now in our 30s or later want to go remember but are never going to have the time we used to. Life is just a jerk like that.

  2. I’m in a very tiny guild with friends…and when I say tiny I really do mean tiny—it’s basically three of us and all our alts. We’ve been trying our hand at Mythics, but because there’s only three of us we need to rely on LFG to find two DPSs to fill out our group. Now we’re not overgeared or know these dungeons like the back of our hands (since mythic usually introduces extra mechanics on the bosses and some trash)…we’re very much still learning. But it’s that much more difficult trying to do them with two random strangers who may or may not be geared, may or may not know the mechanics, and who aren’t in discord with us meaning communication is more difficult. Take the last mythic we attempted for example, Halls of Valour. First we tried it with a +2 keystone. After wiping on the first boss about 5 times, one of our DPS left, and when we tried to get a new one, discovered he wasn’t able to enter the dungeon since we were currently in progress with a Mythic+ run. So we essentially had to leave and waste that keystone, and then do a normal mythic run. After many more wipes we got to the final boss and had another DPS leave on us, so again had to find another one before finishing. Point is, this is very much end game content (that gets harder and harder, the higher level your keystone is), possibly moreso than raiding once your up to Mythic 8+, really isn’t something that can be done easily with pug groups—even partial pug groups.

    @Nick With regards to Kara, my guess is it is something that, unless you’re on the bleeding edge of progression, you’ll just have to wait to see until your gear has gotten to the point that normal mythics aren’t such a big deal. But really, there’s no rush, it isn’t going anywhere 🙂

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