World of Warcraft’s skeletal holiday


Not every MMO holiday has to be some major, full-blown affair. I actually appreciate the occasional short-term event that keeps its focus limited, allowing players to sample its wares before heading back to adventuring.

I can’t recall ever participating in World of Warcraft’s Day of the Dead holiday — it probably wasn’t even around when I was last in the game. It intrigued me this week: A three-day holiday that’s kind of like a little epilogue to Halloween while also touching on Mexico’s Día de Muertos festival.

So I found the little graveyard in Dalaran, where a pair of Undead were dancing it up and encouraging me to do likewise. If I used a flower purchased off of the vendor, I could see a whole host of ghosts partying down around the graves, which makes me wonder if the depths of dungeons are filled with similar spirits getting jiggy after their unfortunate demise.


By cooking up some special bread for one spirit, I was rewarded with my own little dancing skeleton pet. Very easy to get and totally worth it if you want to bring the party with you. Plus, it goes very well with my Death Knight’s theme. He can be our team’s mascot!


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