Star Control 2: Godzilla’s foot


(This is part of my journey going checking out Star Control 2. You can follow the entire series on the Retro Gaming page.)

Following a very long — and hopefully profitable — journey across the galaxy, Bio Break limps back into the Sol system with her cargo holds full but her fuel tanks empty, half the crew dead, and only three escort ships remaining. I deserve some serious R&R, but Commander Bringdown up there has all sorts of URGENT news for me to absorb, such as the disappearance of the Spathi, the fact that the Zoq-Fot-Pik homeworld is under attack, and several human espers on board the station all fell unconscious at the same time with the sense that something wrong was going on.


I send out a call to the Melnorme, who let me know that they’re only going to be around for the next three years or so. This is because they have a device that predicts its own destruction, and since the Melnorme hold it, they assume whatever destroys the device will kill them too.

Anyway, time to trade with these weird puffy starfish creatures.


As you may recall, the Melnorme don’t trade in RUs, but with their own credits. The only way I can get those is by selling biological data or locations to the rainbow worlds that seem to be hugging some of the suns in the galaxy. I rake in a little over 5,000 credits and start spending them on technology upgrades for my ship.


Better guns, defense, landers, storage capacity… these Melnorme are truly wonderful vendors, provided you have the credits. Which I do. I clean out their entire stock, making the Bio Break a vessel to be feared by the entire galaxy.

The Melnorme also sell a lot of useful information, particularly about the state of affairs in the galaxy and particular alien species. Lots of clues and helpful hints. I get some of that as well, but it would be tedious to try to transcribe it all.


Boy have we come a long, long way from the decrepit, empty ship at the start of the game! Hellbore cannons, expanded fuel tanks, point-blank defense systems… we’re ready to put some serious hurt in the Ur-Quan. I think I might rename this ship the Godzilla’s Foot.

One nice thing about the Melnorme is that they function as a very cheap gas station (provided you have credits). And you can even buy that cheap fuel and sell it back to Earth for a tidy profit.


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