World of Warcraft: Argus and beyond


Tell me that I’m not the only one who heard the pronouncement that we’ll be heading to Argus in World of Warcraft post-7.2 and thought, “Cool! Um… what’s that?” and had to look it up on the wiki. Tell me I’m not. Because I often feel clueless as it is.

Also, speaking of BlizzCon, didn’t Blizzard totally snub World of Warcraft during its opening keynote? The studio said basically nothing about WoW before quickly moving on to its other properties (because heaven forbid we take time away from talking about Hearthstone’s new card set). Sure, the Legion panel following that was full of great info, but it left me totally confused why they couldn’t announce some of that juicy content to the larger audience. It’s not the first year that Blizzard has really downplayed WoW in favor of its newer properties, and we all know that Overwatch is the golden child right now. But Legion’s had a good run so far and a recent huge patch… would’ve been worth it to toot that horn for a minute or so instead of talking about that blah summer movie.

OK, so now we have some idea of what’s coming next in World of Warcraft — and it’s actually pretty neat. Patch 7.1.5 and Patch 7.2 are on the way, no time frame set, and each with a bunch of welcome additions. The mini-holidays sound cool because I’m a geek for stuff like that, and more timewalking dungeons makes sense (for transmog if nothing else). I’m hoping we’ll see positive class tweaks with 7.1.5 now that the devs have had a few months to evaluate all of the changes from the early August patch.

7.2 definitely sounds like the next big thing, of course. A return to the Broken Shore, a base-building system of sorts (but don’t call it garrisons!), more class order quests, a new legion assault event like what they had with the pre-expansion event, artifact updates, a new raid zone and dungeon, and… flying. Hey, at least it’s on the horizon!

It was the mention of flying that really served as a helpful kick in the pants for me to start focusing my Death Knight’s goals. I need to finish Pathfinder part 1, and the other night I focused on getting all of my explorer achievements done. Following that, all I need is to get the Warden rep up to revered and do all of the Suramar quest chains. Not too hard at all. It actually got me questing pretty heavily in that zone again.

I was also gratified to be able to afford another WoW Token. I think at this point my account is paid for through March 2017, and that’s a good feeling. I’m not doing anything super-aggressive with revenue generation other than class missions, making sure I tackle any world quests with a nice payout (such as the occasional world boss or dungeon run that can deliver up to a thousand gold), and being consistent with gathering and selling mats on the AH.

Going to a whole new planet, even if it is just a zone, sounds pretty neat, so I hope that this Argus thing won’t disappoint when it arrives. So far Legion is living up to the promise to be a meatier and more engaging expansion than Draenor with its updates, and it’s great to be along for the ride.


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