RIFT: Savoring Starfall Prophecy


I’ve probably said this before, but whenever I get into a new game or open up a new MMO expansion, I do just the opposite of full steam ahead. The first session pretty much slows to a crawl as I take my time to familiarize myself with all of the changes, poke around at the pretty new intro area, take a billion screenshots, and soak in the quests and atmosphere. It’s a little unsettling when people are zipping by you left and right, but it’s how I like to play. There’s always time to rush later on — why not savor now?

I didn’t have time to play Starfall Prophecy on Wednesday when it launched, so I was already far behind the front-runners when I got in on Thursday. I probably spent the first half-hour just getting my character ready, as I used the level 65 boost to “reroll” my Rogue into a Dwarf. Then there was gearing and extra items from the promotion and creating several builds and finding the perfect costume (I love the one I picked, which is up top there). Finally, I teleported to the comet and started in on the fun.


The comet city hub of Alittu isn’t huge, but there’s a lot more too it than first meets the eye. It’s kind of a mix of magic, technology, and Aztec-like lines. I dig it, especially this giant telescope up on the top floor of the main building.


And it has a library. Even when I can’t read the books, I still love libraries when I find them in MMOs. Good associations, there.


There’s this weird thing floating in the sky. Should I know what it is yet? I never know these things, because I’m always missing out on half the lore (leaky brain, you see).


To Trion’s credit, the opening area is really lush and inviting. Kind of weird that an interstellar, interplanar comet has a full atmosphere, several biomes, plants, and animals, but weird is kind of par for the course in this game. RIFT is often a lot stranger than you might first assume from its fantasy setup.


Soon enough, I headed into the forest. This feels like classic MMO design: Really pretty zone first, fire zone later on. I’ll enjoy it while I can.

So this forest is home to one of the most bizarre struggles, and I’m still trying to get a handle on what’s going on. Apparently there’s a bunch of evil fae and witches trying to put the hurt on “Fora,” which are sentient critters (bunnies, groundhogs, weasels, cats, and the like). At one point I got attacked by robotic versions of these things, because nothing makes you feel like a hero than having to shoot bunnies as a level 65 character.


I may scoff at the Trapper Keeper setting, but c’mon… it’s kind of adorable too. Very much so. Look at the wee table settings!


Giant robot thing! What is this? I have no idea. Shoot it and ask questions later.

I’m really pleased to see that Trion’s bringing back its NPC companion feature, this time giving me Shyla (I call her She-Ra) and her friend, the dragon-turned-corgi. Their side conversations are amusing and informative, although not nearly as hilarious as Khar’s were. I did get a pretty big laugh when some groundhogs were talking about tunneling down away from danger until one realized that they were on a comet and this plan was not going to end well for anyone.


Mostly I’m fighting as a Bladedancer and trying to work out some of the kinks of my rotation. The quest reward gear is a nice upgrade from whatever basic stuff they give boosted 65s, so here’s hoping I’ll be seeing a power spike in another night or two.

Can’t wait to hit level 66 and get my first legendary power, although I only earned two bars of XP for an entire night of slow questing. What I am less happy about is the new planar fragments system, which is YET ANOTHER type of gear that we have to worry about and fuss over. RIFT, stop this. Please.


3 thoughts on “RIFT: Savoring Starfall Prophecy

  1. BeerGnome November 18, 2016 / 1:19 pm

    So maybe a stoopid question since I have not read a lot about the new RIFT expansion. (Planning on buying it soon, just dont have the time right now) Is the new planar fragments system in addition to all the other many other currency systems or does it become the only focus at high levels? So does a level 65 have to worry about only planar fragments or do we have to worry about fragments along with all the others introduced in the past? (Hope that makes sense) I am curious because the many currencies necessary to level up to max level is partially what drove me to leave the last time. If I can level up some of my alts without focusing on the other currencies knowing that the planar fragments system will be the only one I need to focus on at level 65 would make me feel much more happier about it.

  2. Syp November 18, 2016 / 3:41 pm

    Planar fragments aren’t currency but a new type of gear, and it starts when you go to the comet at level 65.

  3. BeerGnome November 18, 2016 / 4:39 pm

    Gotcha… Thanks.

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