The Great MMO Corgi War of 2016


As we all well know, Trion Worlds — and reportedly Scott Hartsman in particular — have a weird obsession with corgis. This is a thing that MMO studios seem to do, to get fixated on a particular animal (real or made up) and start putting it everywhere as a sort of mascot. DDO had the cactus, WildStar has the Rowsdowers, and even upcoming Camelot Unchained has its duck.

Well, RIFT has corgis. They’ve been around for a long while, with one being the personal pet of the Guardian king and others peppering the companion bars of players. I got my corgi, Courage, a while back through the refer-a-friend campaign. Use him all the time, too.

It used to be innocent. It used to be silly, even. But then storm clouds gathered as Blizzard saw the ray of corgi-shaped sunshine that RIFT enjoyed and decided to take it for itself.


This week, all World of Warcraft players are being treated to their very own corgi as part of the 12th anniversary. It’s as if Blizzard was passing them out with one hand and making unkind gestures to Trion with the other. If you have something Blizzard wants, rest assured, the flurry studio will take it.

Corgis. Corgis everywhere, barking and yapping and making Scott Hartsman cry.

The only retaliation? For RIFT to place a corgi of its own in a starring role in this week’s expansion pack, Starfall Prophecy. Oh, and it’s not any ordinary corgi, oh no. It’s a talking dragon glamoured as a corgi that will be following the player character around for hours JUST BECAUSE. Does World of Warcraft have corgis that speak and can boast a draconic lineage? RIFT thinks not.

Ladies and gentlemen, the U.S.A. election may be over, but the Great Corgi War of 2016 has only begun. Countries will be laid waste, bodies heaped into mass graves, and adorable dogs will march en masse against each other.


5 thoughts on “The Great MMO Corgi War of 2016

  1. Rowan November 18, 2016 / 9:09 am

    In searching for my Corgi on the Pet list in WoW, I discovered that the 10th anniversary pet was a molten corgi or some such. There are a total of three minipets identified as corgis in the game. Rift has many more, as I recall.

  2. Wilhelm Arcturus November 18, 2016 / 9:38 am

    Like Rowan, I was going to point out that we got a corgi in WoW two years back. In fact, I was a wee disappointed with this year’s anniversary present as it is just the molten corgi from 2010 reskinned. I think it has one different battle pet move. Anyway, corgis been a thing for a while, but WoW does also give you the pug option.

  3. Syp November 18, 2016 / 11:51 am

    Pugs rule, best dog ever.

  4. Syp November 18, 2016 / 9:22 pm


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