A very Bio Break Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving seems to have snuck up on me this year. Funny how staying all sorts of busy will block out the incoming holidays. Our family likes to hew to a low-key Thanksgiving: going out to see a movie, eating a meal at Bob Evans, and then start setting up Christmas decorations. Maybe Syp might even get to play a game or two, but with the routine thrown out of wack, who knows.

Having a thankful heart is something commanded by my Lord and helps me have a better attitude in general. We can grouse all the live-long day about disappointments in our lives, but when I look at what I’ve been blessed with, complaining seems to come off as petty and ungrateful.

As this is a gaming blog and all, here are ten things that I’m thankful for with my hobby this Thanksgiving:

  1. A newish computer that runs my games great and has plenty of space for all of my media and projects.
  2. The choice of dozens of interesting MMOs at any given time and the lack of burnout due to the variety.
  3. My wonderful guilds that make me feel warm and welcomed every time I log in.
  4. Getting to play virtual dollhouse and enjoy the break from combat by setting up a cozy home in-game.
  5. Two new expansions (Legion, Starfall Prophecy) to play this fall and the revitalized interest in these games that they have caused.
  6. All of the MMO bloggers who keep me informed and entertained about other games.
  7. My Massively OP coworkers, who put in so much effort on this project while keeping the office space lively and weird.
  8. Getting my first Legendary in World of Warcraft. Almost like a Thanksgiving gift, that was!
  9. The joy that writing about games and gaming that Bio Break brings me.
  10. All of the video game composers who have produced such terrific music that I enjoy listening through.

So have a merry Thanksgiving and stuff yourself with gaming!


One thought on “A very Bio Break Thanksgiving

  1. Gamera977 November 24, 2016 / 6:45 pm

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family Syp! And congrads on the legendary in WoW!

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